New golden makeover supports hard workers like Olympics athletes.

Back in 2017, the most famous souvenir snack in Japan’s capital city, Tokyo Banana, made news when it teamed up with Nestlé Japan to create a never-before-seen Tokyo Banana KitKat.

The new chocolate immediately rose to the top of everyone’s wishlist, with visitors and locals alike queuing up to buy boxes of the Tokyo-exclusive treat, and demand was so popular they teamed up again the following year to bring out a crepe-like premium version.

Now in 2019, the Tokyo Banana KitKat is back again, and this time it’s been given a “gold” makeover to support the nation’s hard workers who constantly strive for gold, including the athletes in the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games.

▼ Say hello to the Gold Tokyo Banana KitKat

▼ The new KitKat comes wrapped in a gorgeous, glistening gold packaging.

And the chocolate itself is golden in colour too, as caramel powder has been kneaded into both the banana-flavoured white chocolate wafer filling and the coating. This blend gives the KitKat a rich caramel flavour and a delicate banana aroma.

The new Tokyo Banana Kit Kats will be available in 8-pack or 15-pack boxes for 700 yen (US$6.44) and 1,280 yen respectively.

The Kit Kats will be sold exclusively at Tokyo Okashi Land (Tokyo Sweets Land) located at Ichiban-gai inside Tokyo Station from 14 November to 8 January. From 9 January, the product will become available at more stores around the Tokyo region, including airports, train stations, tourist spots and highway rest areas.

Source, images: Nestlé Japan
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