The capital city’s most famous edible souvenir receives a Kit Kat makeover.

Regional omiyage, or souvenirs, are a big deal around Japan. When people go away on holidays or business trips out of town, they’re always expected to bring back a souvenir or two for their friends and colleagues, and stores around the country cater to this need with a huge array of signature products designed to represent their region.

For those visiting Tokyo, one of the most popular souvenirs to bring back home is the hugely famous Tokyo Banana. First launched in 1991, Tokyo Banana is a light and airy sponge that’s baked and steamed and filled with a strained banana custard puree. Its soft texture and cute mini-banana shape is so loved by people around the country that the company behind the product has branched out to include other sweet fillings, including banana shakes and, most recently, Uji matcha & sweet red bean paste cream.

Now they’re shaking things up again with a brand new product, this time as part of a collaboration with Nestlé’s world-famous Kit Kat chocolate wafers. The new chocolates will combine the best of each signature treat, sandwiching the moist creamy banana filling within the crunchy Kit Kat wafers, for “a moist-crunch combination never seen in any other Kit Kat before“.

The chocolate wafer bars even resemble a pair of tiny bananas by being joined at one side and split down the middle. The words “Tokyo Banana” are also imprinted on the chocolate, along with the signature bow-topped banana logo.

▼ The new Tokyo Banana Kit Kats will be available in 8-pack or 15-pack boxes
for 650 yen (US$5.70) and 1,200 yen respectively.

The Kit Kats can be purchased at Tokyo Okashi Land (Tokyo Sweets Land) located at Ichiban-gai inside Tokyo Station from 15 November to 9 January. After that, the product will become available at more stores around the Kanto region, including airports, train stations and highway rest areas.

Source: Nestlé Japan
Featured image: Nestlé Japan
Insert images: Flickr/Cory Doctorow, Nestlé Japan