KitKat’s Chocolatory has teamed up with a professional illustrator to make these premium KitKats fun, fanciful and excitingly mysterious.

Since the clever cats at KitKat melded the words “chocolate” and “laboratory” together to form “Chocolatory”, the name of their upmarket boutiques where the classier cuts of KitKat are curated, they’ve done all kinds of wondrous and whimsical things to the simple chocolate-covered wafer treat we all know and love. Japan is already something of a KitKat capital due to its smorgasbord of uniquely tastebud-tickling flavors, but their Chocolatory boutiques elevate the KitKat to even higher levels.

We have the Chocolatory to thank for the ingenious innovation of sprinkling dried fruits and nuts along the top of a KitKat finger. How about KitKats crafted to resemble sushi? Chocolatory has you covered there, too. How about a dessert that’s just a giant cocoa pod?  Been there, done that!

Their latest line, Blindfold Chocolatory, has taken a different tack. This time, you won’t be drawn to the box with the most familiar or enticing flavor — the flavor won’t be written on the packaging at all.

▼ Stunning illustrations by Misaki Tanaka line the boxes.

The Japanese name of the line is mekakushi, meaning to cover or hide one’s eyes. Since consumers won’t be able to simply read the flavor off the side of the box, it’ll be as though they’re blindfolded, unable to guess how the product will taste before they put it in their mouth. There are some guidelines, albeit vague ones; illustrator Misaki Tanaka has drawn 15 unique pictures to adorn the pretty packaging, and each one comes with a unique quote.

▼ Fifteen in total, each representing a tiny snapshot from the female experience.

“You turned winter into spring”, announces one box, decorated with a man and woman about to kiss in a flurry of cherry blossom petals. A cream-colored package shows a girl ready to tie her hair up: “I’m the only one who can make sure I get my happy ending.” The list goes on: “Turn the bitter memories into ingredients for your future bliss.” “When everyone adores you this much, it makes me start to hate you a little bit.”

“A match made in heaven: me and my happiness.”

The idea is that the affinity with the illustrations and words on the packaging will lead you to a fitting taste experience, and even if it doesn’t, isn’t it worth the gamble? (Unless you’re allergic to one of the ingredients used in the bar, of course. Then it’s probably best to look for one that doesn’t use that ingredient.)

“See? There you go again, letting me do whatever I like. You’re too nice, I can’t stand you. I love you.”

The bars can be purchased individually at any of the seven permanent KitKat Chocolatory stores for 300 to 400 yen (roughly US$2.80 to US$3.75), plus tax. There’s also an even more exclusive set of all 15 bars boxed up in a special package emblazoned with Misaki Tanaka’s art: this one costs a much heftier 5,100 yen, but can be mail-ordered through Nestlé’s online store.

“When I can’t say how I really feel…I’ll try writing it down.”

The illustrator, Misaki Tanaka, had some comments for the Blindfold Chocolatory line.

“I drew the images for this intending to leave space for memories to seep in, like certain scenery or how it smells when you’re tucked close to the nape of a certain someone’s neck. These pieces, the ones I drew for the Blindfold Chocolatory packaging, felt like they invoked the exact sort of feeling I try to usually capture with my work. I drew them using the suggested copy provided to me by KitKat, as well as the color and general atmosphere of the chocolate. I hope you can really take your time with these chocolates, and indulge your imagination a little more than with your usual chocolate bar.”

Until these exciting and mysterious new flavors hit shelves, we’ll content ourselves with these delicious seasonal KitKat varieties that you can find in any grocery store. And don’t forget the classy, upmarket yoghurt sake version that debuted last month!

Source: PR Times
Top image: KitKat Chocolatory
Insert images: PR Times
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