Test your knowledge of Japanese slang from the ’70s onwards with these limited-edition cup noodles!

Nissin Cup Noodles: the pantry staple of every Japanese kitchen. They’re cheap, tasty, and quick, and with a myriad of delightful flavors, some mysterious and some very straight forward, it’s no wonder that they’ve sold over 100 billion units since their humble beginnings in 1971.

In celebration of this remarkable number, Nissin is releasing special Cup Noodle packaging for Nissin’s original Cup Noodle flavor, featuring some Japan’s most famous popular words and slang from the last 50 years. Each cup includes the year of its colloquial phrase, so you know exactly what year it was popular. For example, this package of Cup Noodles features 2020’s phrase “Yoichomaru”, which means “feeling good” or “having fun”.

From the 1970s comes words like “Gabiin“, which was used to describe “shock” or “surprise”, often used in manga, and another package features the 1983 word “Techno Cut”, a popular haircut of the 80s. In 1996, one popular phrase was “Cho Very Good”, which adds the Japanese word “Cho”, which means “very”, to “very good”, giving a funny redundancy to the phrase.

The packaging is full of fun words and phrases like these that give you a glimpse of the culture of the past!

There are 60 different phrases in all, so why not try and collect them all and see if you can figure out what each one means? Quiz your Japanese friends to see if they know. You’re all sure to have a good laugh in the process.

But the blast to the past doesn’t end there! Nissin is promoting their limited-edition packaging by giving away a 1,000 yen (US$9.46) telephone card featuring “one in a millennium idol” Kanna Hashimoto to 1,000 people. Simply follow Cup Noodle’s official account on Twitter and retweet their July 27 tweet to enter.

“The moment you poured in hot water, my heart began to boil.”

Don’t know what a telephone card is or how to use it? Try looking it up! Learning about the culture of the past 50 years is what this campaign is all about.

Source, images: Nissin Group
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