After months of waiting, Nissin finally gives instant ramen fans what they’ve been asking for.

A while back, Nissin, makers of Cup Noodle, Japan’s most popular instant ramen, grabbed our attention with a special measuring cup specifically designed to help you easily measure the exact amount of water you need to make a single serving of Cup Noodle. However, at the time all Nissin said was “We made a Cup Noodle measuring cup,” and even as the instant noodle fan community cried out for Nissin to produce more and sell them to the general public, for several months it looked like this special measuring cup was going to be just a one-off design study.

But on Monday Nissin finally gave people what they’ve been asking for, announcing that yes, the Cup Noodle-Use Measuring Cup has finally gone on sale to the general public.

The measuring cup bears the logo, coloring, and little vertical stripes of the Cup Noodle package, but what makes it really special are the liquid-amount markings, with dedicated lines for the exact amount of water to boil for Cup Noodle’s Big, standard, and Mini sizes.

The measuring cup is microwave-safe, too, and Nissin has been thoughtful enough to let us know how long each amount of water needs to be microwaved to achieve proper Cup Noodle-cooking temperature. Assuming you’re using a 600-watt microwave, the Mini-size quantity of water should be microwaved for two minutes and 10 seconds, the standard size three minutes and 40 seconds, and the Big size four minutes and 40 seconds.

▼ Or, as Nissin formats its chart, 220 seconds for regular, 280 seconds for Big, and 130 seconds for Mini.

Once that time is up, just pour the hot water into your Cup Noodle, wait three minutes, and your meal is ready.

Nissin has even made an improvement to the original design for the Cup Noodle measuring cup. The prototype only had Cup Noodle size markings, but the version that’s gone on sale also includes standard markings for up to 350 milliliters (11.8 ounces) so that you can use it when cooking non-Cup Noodle things too.

The Cup Noodle-Use Measuring Cup is being offered as part of a bundle with nine packs of Cup Noodle (one each of regular flavor, Seafood, and Curry in Mini, standard, and Big sizes), with an official retail price of 3,993 yen (US$27), through the Nissin online store, Yodobashi Camera, and Amazon Japan (here, here, and here). Unfortunately, given the pent-up demand for the item, it sold out almost immediately at the Nissin and Yodobashi Camera online shops, but as of this writing Amazon is still taking orders.

Source, images: Nissin
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