One slender Japanese man ate six of these four-patty burgers in 30 minutes

Last week, our Japanese-language reporter Mr Sato found himself in training for one of the biggest food challenges of his lifetime: all-you-can-eat Burger King, limited to fries, drinks, and a massive new monstrosity called the Maximum Super One-Pound Beef Burger.

On the day of the event, however, the unthinkable happened — he became ill and had to hand the challenge over to his far less-experienced colleague, Yuuichiro Wasai.

Yuuichiro was terrified of stepping into the king of food challenges’ shoes, especially as he was called to take up the challenge on short notice…and after having eaten a huge brunch earlier in the day.

Still, he vowed to do his best so he lined up, pre-reserved ticket in hand, at the Ochanomizu Saint Clair branch in Tokyo, where the all-you-can-eat deal is currently being offered until 22 September.

The other people in line also had their tickets, and Yuuichiro couldn’t help but feel he had joined a clan of warriors, all waiting nervously for the monster battle to begin.

The foe they would be taking down was the Maximum Super One-Pound Beef Burger, which weighed in at 607 grams (1.3 pounds) and contained a hefty 2,046 kilocalories. To give you an idea of the size of the burger, it’s said to be equivalent to 2.8 McDonald’s Big Macs.

The all-you-can-eat challenge gave the joint a lively atmosphere, with Yuuichiro’s fellow warriors smiling and cheering each other on to take down as many burgers as possible. Even the staff were in a great mood, praising diners every time they went back to the counter for a new burger, making everyone in the store feel like they were part of something much bigger than themselves.

▼ It wasn’t long before Yuuichiro got to sit down with his first tray of food, which consisted of medium fries, a medium drink, and one Maximum Beef Burger.

▼ Holding it up for size reference, the burger was almost as big as his face.

▼ This is what it looked like next to an iPhone 8.

The burger itself looked fantastic — it was enticingly juicy and packed with the following ingredients: creamy mayonnaise, freshly cut onion, pickles, four slices of smoky bacon, two slices of cheddar cheese, two extra slices of cheddar cheese, 13-centimetre-wide sesame seed buns, fresh lettuce, freshly cut tomato, ketchup, salt, pepper, and FOUR flame-grilled beef patties.

Looking at the mammoth burger had Yuuichiro wondering if he’d be able to even put a dent in it, but he was here to do battle with the beast, so, with the meat sweats already dripping down his face, he took his first bite.

His taste buds immediately lit up and his veins caught fire as the four beef patties and everything else that came with it flooded his body with an instant overload of kilocalories. The burger’s juices were insanely delicious, but Yuuichiro found himself hitting a meat wall with the amount of time it took him to chew through so many flame-grilled patties.

▼ Our reporter found himself having flashbacks to this 35-patty Lotteria burger he and his colleagues once defeated many years ago.

As he was chewing, he heard a staff member pipe up with a surprised “What? Already?” Looking up, he saw that the person next to him had already finished one whole burger in the time it had taken Yuuichiro to take two bites. Confused, he looked around and saw other people were also close to finishing, and even a schoolgirl nearby was already ordering her second burger.

Yuuichiro gulped down some of his drink to help him pick up speed. He got about halfway in and then the meat wall came up to meet him again. Slowing down to a pace Mr Sato would be ashamed of, Yuuichiro lowered all expectations, deciding he would be happy if he could just…finish…this…one.

The thirty-minute food frenzy continued, with Yuuichiro’s fellow warriors demolishing one, then two, then three burgers. Once time was up, there was one clear winner — a man who went through SIX burgers — and one clear loser, Yuuichiro, who just managed to finish only one.

Tail between his legs, Yuuichiro decided to make up for his shameful performance by asking to take a photo of the six-burger-eating warrior who put everyone to shame on the day.

▼ Because, you know, Mr Sato ought to at least know what the competition looks like.

With tickets to the all-you-can-eat event priced at 1,900 yen (US$18.08), devouring six burgers meant it took around five minutes for this valiant warrior to finish each one, with the burgers working out to be around three bucks each. On the other hand, our reporter paid close to 20 bucks for one burger, which took him half an hour to eat.

That’s certainly one of our worst food challenge results ever, but hey — it could’ve been worse. At least he made it through one burger, right? We doubt if Mr Sato will see it that way, and needless to say, Yuuichiro is now doing everything he can to avoid bumping into Mr Sato at the office. Because there’s a good chance he’ll be confined to this cardboard box house at work until he learns to eat like a true warrior.

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