Who will come out victorious in this bare-fisted, white-knuckle clash between man and meat sweats?

Yeti sightings are virtually unheard of in Japan, so when we heard whispers that a Yeti had been seen in Tokyo, we immediately rushed out to find it, camera in hand.

▼ According to reports, the Yeti had been seen at Burger King, so that’s where we went.

Sure enough, there it was — towering over other items on the menu was the King Yeti, challenging us to take it down. Snaring the Yeti wouldn’t come cheap, though, as it was priced at 1,750 yen (US$15.22) on its own or 2,050 yen as part of a set.

Staff kindly reigned in one of the King Yetis for us, and sliced it in two so we could enjoy it from the inside out.

Prying the two halves apart, we discovered that this was one meaty Yeti, containing a pound of beef, in the form of four flame-grilled patties.

▼ In amongst it all were two layers of white Caesar sauce and six slices of Gouda Cheese.

It looked absolutely fantastic, and while we weren’t sure if it would be us or the Yeti that would come out triumphant at the end of this battle, we began valiantly by taking a chunk out of its middle.

We braced ourselves for a weighty, greasy hit, but instead, we found it was light on the palate, leaving us with a light, clean finish.

We figured this was due to the simplicity of the ingredients, and the white Caesar sauce, which gave it a lift and made it really easy to eat. Plus, Gouda cheese is milder than cheddar cheese, imparting a great umami flavour but without the big punch of cheddar.

The pickles and onions worked in our favour as well, delivering fresh flavours that somehow seemed healthier than a regular fast food burger.

Despite its volume, slaying this beast turned out to be much easier than we thought it would be, which may have been a great thing for our egos, but not such a great thing for our expanding waistlines.

The “King Yeti Super One Pound Beef Burger” is priced at 1,750 yen (US$15.15) and will be on sale for a limited time from 18 February to 3 March, with sales starting at 2:00 p.m. each day.

It’s certainly the cleanest, healthiest-tasting Super One Pound burger the fast food chain has given us so far, but at 1,590 kilocalories, don’t be fooled by the King Yeti — this monster might be light on the palate but it’ll end up slaying you later in your sleep…when you wake up with the meat sweats.

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