Soon enough, you’ll have an official Ghibli outfit for any scenario.

Studio Ghibli’s official fashion store located in Shibuya’s still-shiny-and-new Miyashita Park, GBL, has been keeping us decked out in Hawaiian shirts, t-shirts, and long-sleeved shirts alike. But now that temperatures are set to drop for the next couple of months in the country, they’ve got something even warmer: sweaters.

GBL will sell two Princess Mononoke-themed sweaters starting December 26 in the official storefront. One design features two wolves from the clan that lead female San is part of, and the other depicts a knit version of the Forest Spirit (also known as Shishigami).

▼ The wolf sweater also shows one of the weapons that San wielded in the movie!

▼ The Forest Spirit looks a bit, erm, chunkier than the anime, but it’s still adorable.

The wolf sweater comes in gray, and the Forest Spirit one comes in black; they’re actually made using acrylic mélange yarn, a blend of two colors, so they look pretty cool close up! They both have a simple crewneck design and patternless back that makes it easy to pair them with any undershirt or bottom.

▼ The finishing touch: an official Princess Mononoke label right on the sleeve.

You can grab one or both of these sweaters in small, medium, large, or extra-large for 11,000 yen (US$106.10) a pop. Preorders have already begun on GBL, so you can get your holiday spending done now or later. If you order online, they’ll start shipping out at the beginning of January.

Since it seems like new New Year won’t spell the end of everyday Zoom calls just yet, why not throw on your GBL sweater with your awesome (free) Ghibli background? No one will think you’re over the top. Trust us.

Source, images: PR Times
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