Because nothing says cozy and stylish like the literal seat of child mecha pilot trauma.

Anime is filled with giant robots, but the biomechanical war machines from Evangelion have a unique design that sets them apart in many ways. For example, instead of a normal cockpit, Eva pilots take their seats inside a tube called an entry plug, which slides into the Evangelions at the base of their necks.

Of course, the entry plug can also be expelled, and a number of emotionally intense moments in the anime take place when the entry plug has been jettisoned and is lying on the battlefield or in a lab. And now you can have an entry plug in your living or bedroom too!

To the uninitiated, “anime entry plug cushion” might sound like a startling new frontier in sexualized anime character huggy pillows, but it’s actually a pillow recreation of the cylindrical Eva cockpit. Though it’s not a 1:1-scale replica, it’s still dramatically large at 140 centimeters (55 inches) in length.

And don’t worry, while it’s too small to crawl inside, the velvety smooth material and soft stuffing makes the Entry Plug Cushion both a quirky and cuddly interior accent.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a dark sense of humor or a grudge against Evangelion’s divisive protagonist, you can imagine there’s a miniature Shinji inside the entry plug as you squeeze, swing, or shake it, since this is specifically modeled on the entry plug for Eva Unit-01, Shinji’s robo-ride.

On the other hand, if you’d like to show your entry plug affinity outside the home as well, there’s also a new line of entry plug necklaces.

These aren’t chintzy toys, either, but legitimate accessories made by Japanese accessory maker U-Treasure, which has also made several high-end Pokémon pieces. The unisex Entry Plug Necklaces are offered in silver, 18-karat yellow or pink gold, or platinum.

It’s not just Shinji/Unit-01 fans whose desires are obliged here, as U-Treasure is also offering Asuka/Unit-02…

…and Rei/Unit-00 versions.

Online preorders are now open here through the official Evangelion Store, with the 7,700-yen (US$74) cushion shipping in late January and the necklaces, which range in price from 12,100 to 77,000 yen depending on material, shipping in late May.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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