Japanese accessory maker sees the true beauty of the Water-type Pokémon, and knows that good things come from commitment.

Each species of Pokémon has its particular claim to fame. Pikachu is the most famous and widely loved. Eeevee has the largest number of possible evolutions. Greninja has an election success record that would make Boss Tweed smile and nod in respectful appreciation.

Then there’s Magikarp, the most special species of Pokémon.

And no, I’m not saying “special” as a euphemism or backhanded compliment. Yes, Magikarp is indeed, by any measurable metric, the weakest, most pathetic Pocket Monster you can catch, so weak and pathetic that those adjectives are part of the lyrics for the Magikarp character theme song. But Magikarp is also capable of evolving into the mighty Gyarados. In other words, stick with Magikarp long enough, and it’ll change your Pokémon Trainer life, which also makes the Pokémon a perfect symbol for commitment and devotion in a relationship, and thus the latest muse for Japanese accessory maker U-Treasure.

U-Treasure’s craftsmen have captured the essence of Magikarp at the moment it performs its Splash technique, which famously results in “But nothing happened” in the Pokémon games. However, when said Splash has been lov01ingly recreated in silver or 18-karat gold, the result is more likely to be smiles and glee from the Pokémon fan receiving the necklace.

Since Magikarp’s National Pokédex number is 129, U-Treasure (which has previously produced Pikachu wedding rings and Eevee necklaces) is making just 129 Magikarp necklaces, 119 in silver (priced at 12,900 yen [US$125]) and 10 in gold (129,000 yen), with the gold version resting in its very own paulownia wood box.

▼ The Magikarp necklace is a unisex design, and would pair well with a Magikarp Pokémon dress shirt.

Preorders can be placed now through U-Treasure’s online shop (silver necklace here, gold here), with shipping scheduled for mid-July. And if you’re feeling a little light on funds after splurging on one, remember that Japan’s edible Magikarp cakes are both amazingly delicious and incredibly affordable.

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Top image: PR Times
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