There’s a lot to unpack in this new six-piece collection.

You can find all sorts of unusual gacha capsule toys hiding out inside mini plastic vending machines in Japan. Some are fashionable, like these rice ball rings, some are nostalgic, like this retro bathhouse set, and some are just puzzling, like this new gacha series from capsule toy manufacturer Qualia.

Called Gorirandoseru Mascot Figure, with “Gori” referring to “Gorilla” and “Randoseru” being the word for hard-cased backpacks used by elementary school children, this new range puts the spotlight on a beefy gorilla, who looks as if it’s going to school.

▼ The gorilla even wears the same yellow cap worn by elementary school children in Japan.

The tagline on the promotional poster above reads: “This uncompromising beefcake. The small randoseru especially shines.”

It’s true that the randoseru, which can look oversized on young elementary school students, stands out for being particularly small on this oversized “beefcake” of a gorilla. It stands out even more with some of the school-time poses struck by the powerful primate, which are given names like:

▼ Gorilla on the way home.

▼ Recorder and Gorilla

▼ Stand at arm’s length Gorilla (back)

▼ Sitting in P.E. style Gorilla

All the above titles refer to actions adults will have experienced themselves when growing up as an elementary school child in Japan. All students learn to play the recorder, sit with their knees up during P.E., and they’re taught to form orderly lines during sports and other outdoor activities, with the child at the front putting their hands on their hips and the students behind standing at arm’s length.

While this collection might seem bizarre at first, it’s actually pretty clever, as the nostalgic poses take adults back to their childhoods, and allows them to wonder what it would’ve been like if they had a giant gorilla friend like this leading the way to school, or sitting next to them in gym class.

▼ This video shows just how gorgeous each figure is, and they look incredibly well-made as well.

The fifth gorilla in the collection, with its hands on its hips, is the “Fall In Line Gorilla”, which leads the way in a line, and there’s also a “secret” sixth gorilla that will only reveal its appearance to those lucky enough to receive it.

The new toys will be available at capsule toy vending machines around Japan from April, priced at 300 yen (US$2.85) each.

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Source, images: YouTube/【公式】クオリアらしさチャンネル

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