These Shibas got up to some trouble…and we get to keep them as keychains!

Gacha toys–the kind you can get in a little capsule by inserting a coin into a machine and turning the knob–come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, from collectible figurines to ridiculous-looking rings to keychains of botched art restorations. For animal lovers in particular, there are tons of animal gachas to collect, some of which replicate the funny situations animals find themselves in like these new “Dogs With Their Heads Stuck in Things” keychain accessories.

These silly Shibas got themselves into some things they shouldn’t have, and now have to patiently wait for their masters to come home to free them from the prisons of their own design. The funniest part is, the six things these shibas managed to get their heads stuck in are utterly ridiculous. There’s a school practice book, a hot dog, the Roman Mouth of Truth, a life preserver, Mt. Fuji, and an ukiyo-e painting. How they managed to get stuck in these things, we’ll never know, but that’s a Shiba for you.

These gachas are made by Qualia, who have also produced other funny animal-themed capsule toys like the elementary school gorilla figures and the fluffy cat orb phone straps. They’ve done an excellent job designing these naughty Shibas, down to the rolls of skin that have bunched up around their necks, preventing them from getting them out of their pickles themselves, and the despondent but cute expressions on their faces.

▼ The face of “Pls halp”

This is actually the third collection of Dogs Stuck in Things from Qualia; the first two were released in 2018 and 2019, respectively, so hopefully that means there will be more in the future! These six cost 300 yen apiece, and are now being rolled out in gacha machines across the country. Of course, since they’re gacha toys, you don’t get to choose what you get, but that’s half the fun! Why not check out the biggest capsule toy machine shop in Tokyo and see if you can find these cuties?

Source: Qualia via Japaaan,
Top image: YouTube/【公式】クオリアらしさチャンネル
Insert images: Qualia