Somebody get this pooch a spot on a Japanese TV show, because he is ready to react.

Anyone who has watched Japanese television knows no segment is complete without a small box in the corner showing guests reacting to whatever they’re watching. Any wannabe Japanese celebrity worth their salt needs to perfect the perfect shocked face if they want to start regularly appearing on television.

And by the looks of one post by Twitter user @Shibamugi28, the art of giving good reactions is now being extended to the animal kingdom as well.

“Even though my magic skills aren’t great,
my pure-hearted dog gives such a good reaction.”

@Shibamugi28 is the proud owner of a Shiba Inu, who as a breed are no strangers to being Internet celebrities.

Their dog, whose name is Kogumi, sits obediently on the platform as the owner puts a treat in one hand. As the hand magic is performed, Komugi waits patiently, and the owner presents both hands, asking “Which one?” Komugi has a good sniff of both hands, before opting for the left hand.

▼ Shibas were originally bred as hunting dogs, so they have a great sense of smell.

But when the owner opens both hands, the treat is in neither hand. Komugi does a double take, and the owner calls out, “It’s not here!”

As the dog runs down the platform stairs in search for the snack, the owner eventually performs some magic to bring the snack back, causing Komugi to do another adorable double take. It’s not shown in the video if Komugi actually got to eat the snack, but he was such a good boy that we can only hope he did!

Komugi’s owners post pictures of their perfect pooch on Twitter daily, with occasional videos like this one where Komugi sits patiently as his owner eats some instant noodles.

Japanese netizens were enamoured by Komugi and took to Twitter to react to Komugi’s reaction in some sort of react-ception.

“I could almost hear him saying ‘Huh? Why??'”
“The dog and the owner both look like they’re having fun!”
“What a smart dog!”
“Give him the treat, at least!”
“I can’t not smile when watching this video.”
“It was so cute when he rushed down the stairs to check it hadn’t fallen.”

Komugi’s owners have also recently started a YouTube channel, so if you need more Komugi in your life (and let’s be honest, we all do) be sure to check it out. Maybe in the future, Komugi can do some sort of collaboration with Tacchan, the Shiba Inu who loves natto!

Source: Twitter@Shibamugi28 via Hamusoku
Images: YouTube/シヴァ犬こむぎっす
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