We can see why Unit-01 would want to eat these.

Few anime in history have triggered as much fan creativity as Evangelion has. Between its thematic depth and distinct visual design, an admiration for Eva has inspired countless cosplay costumes and fathomless fanart illustrations…and now also one very unique batch of bread.

Late last Saturday night, Japanese Twitter user @negotoo decided to fire up the oven and cook up some melon bread, one of Japan’s best baked good varieties. Melon bread has a pretty standardized look: a pale golden dome crisscrossed with intersecting lines.

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But @negotoo wasn’t making just any melon bread. No, the Eva-loving baker was making Angel melon bread, and the result…

…was a disturbingly delicious-looking plate of edible Fourth Angels, or Sachiels, if you’re an original Evangelion TV series loyalist.

Of course, it’s the Angels cores that keep them alive, and so each Fourth Angel melon bread bun has one of the life force-granting crimson spheres embedded in its chest, just like in the anime.

Actually, and this isn’t a spoiler for Eva, the Angel bread cores are maraschino cherries, and the preserved fruits were actually the spark that got the whole baking project started. After looking at some cherries and thinking of how much they reminded @negotoo of Angel cores, the chef started thinking of how to make the monstrous sweets. Mixing cocoa powder in with the dough created the requisite body coloring, and since melon bread forms a slightly crisp cookie-like crust during baking, sticking on some extra non-cocoa dough in the appropriate shapes produced the Fourth Angel’s mask-like features.

Considering how well they turned out, you’d be right in assuming this isn’t @negotoo’s first baking project, and other examples of the chef’s work show beauty of the non-anime space alien variety.

Just remember, though, no Angel core desserts until you’ve finished your Angel core dinner.

Source: Twitter/@negotoo via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@negotoo
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