There’s a big surprise waiting inside this affordably premium-priced item from the 100 yen store chain.

Food, clothing, and shelter are the three most basic essentials in life, and our Japanese-language reporter Go Hatori has previously proven it’s possible to obtain the first two at Daiso, Japan’s most popular 100 yen store chain. But there’s really no end to Daiso’s wonders, and today Go is finishing off the list be showing you can purchase shelter there too.

This isn’t necessarily a permanent dwelling, as it’s clearly labeled “Emergency Shelter.” It’s also part of Daiso’s premium line, costing 800 yen (US$7.70). Still, that’s low-priced enough that’s it’s less than Japan’s smallest bill denomination (the 1,000-yen note), and considering Daiso’s reputation for offering amazing value, Go picked one up in order to try it out.

Opening up the bag, he found a flexible aluminum sheet, cords, and a handful of pegs.

Unfurling the sheet revealed it to be a tube, with a number of eyelets to run the cords through. One you’ve done that, you can attach the pegs and stick them into the ground, or simply tie the ends of the cords around any handy anchoring points in the immediate vicinity.

In no time at all, Go was finished setting up his shelter…

…and ready to crawl in!

And as soon as he was inside, Go discovered a secret!

While the shelter’s shiny exterior protects your privacy from prying eyes on the outside…

you can actually see out just fine, as the unique material gives you an unobstructed view!

The effect is surreal, but also oddly comforting. It simultaneously makes you feel like you’re both inside and outside, and Go also imagines this must be what it’s like to be able to turn yourself invisible.

It’s also surprisingly roomy. Go is quite a bit taller than average height for a Japanese guy, but the pyramid-like space inside the shelter allowed him to sit up or stretch out in comfort.

So yes, Daiso really does have it all, and now Go has a shelter in place from where he can watch the Daiso crops in his garden grow.

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