New aprons are here for completing your home cooking, gardening, and other household chores in perfect Poké-style.

Japanese custom dress shirt label Original Stitch has been making our dreams come true with their “gotta wear ’em all!” comprehensive line of Pokémon shirts since 2019. With 151 unique Pokémon patterns based on the original lineup of Generation I Kanto Pokémon and an ever-expanding line of additional Generation patterns to choose from, we’re hard-pressed to select just ten, let alone one, of our favorite Pocket Monster fabric designs.

Following up on their face mask collection in the fall, Original Stitch has once again expanded their offerings to include two styles of aprons that are customizable on the front surface, reverse surface, and pocket areas. They’re a unisex, one-size-fits-all venture and will undoubtedly add flair to your day as you go about your household chores or hobbies.

▼ Example designs: (Left) Ditto pattern, (Right) Farfetch’d pattern

Let’s take a look at each style in a bit more detail.

1. Halter style / 7,500 yen (US$68) and up

The longer style of the two, this halter-style apron provides the fullest coverage over your clothing and handy pockets to store small items.

An adjustable neck strap ensures your comfort as well.

Here’s an example design of the halter style:

▼ (Left) Front surface: Slowbro pattern, (Right) Reverse surface: Slowpoke pattern

2. Café style / 5,500 yen and up

Right out of a chic eatery, this café apron can easily work as a fun accessory or as part of a coordinated outfit.

Here’s an example design of the café style:

▼ (Left) Front surface: Vaporeon pattern, (Right) Reverse surface: Eevee pattern

As you may have noted in the photos, both styles of apron provide a variety of ways to customize your creation so you can have a reversible apron or add a fun accent using a different patterned fabric to the pockets (an additional 770 yen).

▼ Who doesn’t love pockets?! (Left) Slowbro pattern, (Right) Ditto pattern

Original Stitch’s Pokémon aprons are on sale in select countries at the Pokémon Shirts website (English version) as of April 9.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, might we suggest visiting the new Pokémon Go-themed café in Saitama dressed in your favorite Pokémon shirt and apron combo?

Source, images: PR Times
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