We take a big sip of the Godiva Chocolate Espresso Frappe and are left with conflicting emotions despite its amazing taste.

Godiva has a formidable brand presence in Japan. They’re synonymous with decadent, high-quality chocolate; if you receive Godiva chocolate, say, for Valentine’s Day, it sends a strong message. Sure, their wares run pricier than other chocolates, but that’s what makes them that little bit extra special.

Lately, Godiva has been branching out to collaborate with convenience stores and casual restaurant chains in Japan, and the most recent of these team-ups is with the ubiquitous McDonald’s. There’s a catch in that Godiva’s collaborative drink, the Godiva Chocolate Espresso Frappe, is only sold at McDonald’s that offer the chain’s McCafé by Barista cafe-style sub-menu. Thankfully we had a reporter on hand to go check out this fancy fast-food frappe, which is planned for sale through mid-January as long as stocks allow.

▼ Naturally, we bought both the standard and the Chocolate Espresso Frappe with Macaron.

The Godiva Chocolate Espresso Frappe costs 540 yen (US$5.16), plus an extra 100 yen if you’d like to decorate it with a single vanilla macaron. In the interests of journalism we purchased one of each, but really the macaron version is the showstopper — and at only 100 yen extra, it makes sense to go all out. Both drinks, though, are well beyond the prices expected at McDonalds. The macaron version costs more than a Big Mac lunch!

▼ There’s no doubt this drink is a cut above the rest of the McCafé crop.

The cup bears Godiva’s logo proudly, showing it was supervised by Godiva Japan’s own executive chocolatier chef, the French-born Yannick Chevolleau. Rich, dark espresso forms the base of the drink, with the bitter chocolate atop it forming the perfect mature accent. Once the iced milk is blended into it, the frappe is ready!

But it still needs a topping. Chocolate whipped cream forms decadent peaks atop the beverage, and the whole thing is drizzled in luxurious couverture chocolate sauce, made with an increased amount of cocoa butter.

▼ Belgian chocolate sauce, served in Japan.

Then, if you order the macaron version, a single vanilla macaron will be gently set atop those clouds of chocolate whipped cream. You can purchase these delicious almond treats, filled with vanilla cream, as individual items at the McCafé…but they make a perfect complement to this lavish dessert drink, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

On taking our first sip, we were greeted by the rich, sumptuous chocolate flavor. There’s no doubting that incredible taste, honed to perfection by some of the most renowned chocolatiers doing business in Japan. While it isn’t quite as hedonistic an experience as Godiva’s own Chocolixir, it will certainly render everything else on the McCafé menu into a pale, watery imitation by comparison.

Drinking it actually put us into something of a funk. You can just walk into a McDonalds and buy something this elegant? One of the special things about Godiva chocolates is how rare and unusual a treat they are, so it felt almost scandalous to drink such a glamorous frappe with this ease. It’s an amazing beverage, and those who have the opportunity to try one should definitely hurrty before they sell out…but we can’t help but feel a little relieved that this collaboration is only a short-time offer. So much readily-available luxury is bound to do bad things to our hearts, morals and arteries.

Then again, if you’re a reckless chocoholic, the Love Triangle Choco Pie Tiramisu ver. is also scheduled to be sold at McDonald’s until mid-January, so you could potentially order both at the same time and ascend to a chocolate realm most mere mortals can only dream of reaching.

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