Not that long ago Miru was a stray, but now he’s living the good life.

A little over two years ago, Japanese Twitter user @yukamilboy was taking his dog for a walk when he came across a stray kitten. Noticing its frail condition, he took it to a vet for an examination, then brought it home to nurse it back to health.

Fast forward to today and the cat, who @yukamilboy named Miru, is still part of the household. But @yukamilboy didn’t just acquire a new pet, he acquired a new pet to walk too. Ever since he was a kitten, Miru has enjoyed being carried around in a sling on strolls through the neighborhood, resting his paws on top of @yukamilboy’s hands as he’s cozily cradled.

It’s a surprising hobby for a cat, seeing as how going for walks with your owner is typically more of a dog thing. However, Miru’s break with standard feline psychology doesn’t extend so far as to enjoy getting wet, so when it rains does that mean the day’s walk is cancelled?

No, it just means Miru needs an umbrella, which @yukamilboy is happy to provide.

With Miru sitting in the sling near his owner’s waistline, if @yukamilboy only held a for-humans umbrella above his own head the kitty would still get rained on. So instead, Miru gets a cover of his own, large enough to keep him dry, but compact enough that @yukamilboy can grip it between the fingertips of the hand on the arm he’s bracing his pet with, leaving his other hand free, ostensibly, to hold a full-sized umbrella for himself.

The clear material even keeps Miru’s view unobstructed, since @yukamilboy says he’s full of curiosity and enjoys watching the birds in the trees and the way leaves and other things rustle in the wind. If you’re looking for something similar for your kitty, @yukamilboy says you can find them by searching for ミニチュア ビニール傘 (“miniature plastic umbrella”) on Rakuten.

All this isn’t to say that Miru can’t have fun when he’s indoors, though. Recently he’s into crawling into hiding under blankets, and he also enjoys just lazing about.

Basically, he and @yukamilboy can be happy together rain or shine, which sounds like the perfect owner/pet relationship.

Source: Twitter/@yukamilboy via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@yukamilboy
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