Best part of it all is that it only takes one beauty product.  

Makeup is one of the greatest tools for self-expression. Whether you want to try out a specific aesthetic or cosplay as your favorite character, the possibilities are endless when it comes to cosmetics, and most recently, Japanese Instagram has been raving about this blossoming look below that doesn’t require a steady hand or extensive knowledge of makeup.

Dubbed “#フラワーメイク” on Japanese Instagram, or #flowermakeup if translated to English, this seemingly elaborate display of flowers is actually super simple to replicate, and one of our dedicated Japanese-language reporters, Natsuki Gojo, who is always ready to experiment when it comes to beauty products, couldn’t wait to try it out herself.

Only two things are needed for this springtime look: pressed flowers and face cream.  Natsuki bought two identical sets of pressed flowers in white and a pinkish red off the Internet (you can find plenty of similar sets in the 500-1,500 yen [US$4.57-13.70] range). Wanting variety in her look, she tried to go for flowers that were within 2 centimeters (0.79 inch) in diameter so she could fit more blooms on her face.

▼ Pasting huge flowers on your face is valid too though!

For the face cream, Natsuki decided to settle for her usual favorite: skin cream from Nivea. Vaseline is also a popular option, but if you want to your flowers to stick longer, we suggest using something a bit stronger, but still gentle for your face, like fake eyelash glue.

With these two things in hand, Natsuki only had to do the two steps below after applying her makeup as usual:

1. Dab the face cream onto her cheeks.

2. Press on the flowers.

And she was set! Of course, once she transferred her favorite blossoms onto her face, the only thing left to do was to have a photoshoot.

▼ Pose, pose, pose!

Fabulous! As an extra tip, Natsuki recommends complementing your eyeshadow with the hue of the flowers you choose. Furthermore, you don’t have to press the blossoms too strongly onto you face—Natsuki found that even basic face cream did an excellent job in keeping them in place. And if you want to fully ride out the end of spring, you can pair the stunning, abstract meadow on your face with these equally beautiful fruit flower sandwiches.

Photos © SoraNews24
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