White stuff comes right out of the slit!

Tenga’s primary business is as the maker of Japan’s most prominent masturbatory aids. Self-love isn’t the only passion the company has, though. We’ve seen Tenga take on projects in the fields of personal fitness, confectionaries, and even space travel. Now, they’re getting ready to dip their toes in the fashion world, with a very special hat.

At first glance, it might look like a simple bucket hat, just with a subtle red patch depicting Tenga’s signature product. However, the Tenga Pocket Hat is designed to hold something the company’s regular customers appreciate having an ample supply of: tissues.

But wait, it’s not what you think! Tenga’s official website makes no mention of wearing the hat while using its aids, then reaching a hand to your head when it’s time to take care of the post-use cleanup. The demonstrated use is actually for couples who may have gotten into a fight, and need something with which to wipe the accompanying tears of sadness or frustration.

The company also recommends the hat for hay fever season, when increased pollen counts lead to runny noses, or for open-air snack sessions or other times when you’re eating out.

▼ Tenga wouldn’t want you left without anything to wipe up all that sticky cream, right?

As for exactly how the hat is constructed, there’s a flap on the inside where you insert the tissues.

Meanwhile, the top of the hat has a slit in it

and the white stuff comes right out of it!

▼ We’re sure that there’s nothing suggestive about this design. Must just be our dirty, dirty minds.

The Tenga Pocket Hat can be purchased through the company’s online shop here, priced at 2,500 yen (US$24). Tissues, and presumably the many, many refills that will be necessary, are not included.

Source: Tenga via Jin
Top image: Tenga
Insert images: Tenga (1, 2)
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