Your love and care can help the droid learn over a dozen skills as he interacts with other Star Wars characters.

The concept behind the Tamagotchi is to simulate the emotional connection one would feel to a pet through the use of technology. But in effectively doing so, the designers also managed to instill a sense of companionship and attachment to the device itself, as anyone who’s still got a Tamagotchi from their childhood somewhere in their home can attest.

So it’s entirely fitting that for the toy’s latest model manufacturer Bandai has created a Tamagotchi version of one of science fiction’s best-loved robots, Star Wars’ R2-D2!

The traditional Tamagotchi shape works extremely well with the character, giving R2-D2’s arguably trashcan-like design and extra dose of chubby cuteness. As he’s not an organic lifeform, he doesn’t need to eat and poop like standard Tamagotchi do, but he still requires care in the form of charging and cleaning.

There also looks to be some surprisingly deep, by Tamagotchi standards, gameplay. While R2-D2 doesn’t change physical form like some other virtual pets, he can learn a total of 19 skills, grouped into standard, special, and pilot mode categories, the last of which involve him riding on various combat spacecraft from the Star Wars universe.

Several other characters from the franchise also show up, such as wise Yoda, stoic Boba Fett, and fussy C-3PO

…and you’ll also run into Chewbacca, Ewoks, and Tusken Raiders during the R2-D2 Tamagotchi’s nine minigames, which include a version of Dejarik, the holographic chess-like game played aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Two different models are being made, with the Classic Color Version replicating the droid’s coloring as seen in the movies and the Holographic Version evocative of the blue holograms seen throughout the series.

Both models are priced at 2,530 yen (US$23) and go on sale November 13, so once you have one in your hands you can reminisce about how you’ve been waiting for the moment since a long, long time ago. Meanwhile, if you prefer your sci-fi with an anime flavor, there’s always the Evangelion Tamagotchi (just be kinder to your angel than we were).

Source: Bandai via Hachima Kiko
Top image: @Press
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