Super Super Super Big Cushions can only be won in a contest but come with a month’s supply of Sea Chicken!

Sure, you have rings shaped like cans of tuna on each finger, but how are people supposed to know you really love the taste of tuna from a can?

With a 90-centimeter (35-inch) cushion shaped like one of course!

Dubbed the Sea Chicken Super Super Super Big Cushion, this lovely addition to any home décor isn’t shaped like just any old can of tuna, but a Hagoromo can. By the way, in Japan this type of processed tuna is commonly known as “sea chicken” but only Hagoromo has the trademark for this name. So when you have Hagoromo tuna, you can know you are getting the real-deal chicken of the sea.

This all probably sounds too good to be true for all you hardcore tuna-heads out there, and there indeed is a catch. Only three lucky people will be able to own one of these gigantic cushions by entering a contest on Twitter. Those interested must first follow the Molly Fantasy account and then retweet the following tweet.

Winners will also receive a month’s supply of Hagoromo Sea Chicken Fancy, which works out to 48 cans. I have no idea how they calculated that to be a month’s worth, but it certainly is a lot!

If you don’t like the looks of those odds, don’t fret! There are plenty other fish-themed cushions in the sea. In fact, the whole reason for this contest is to celebrate the release of Sea Chicken Big Cushions. While not as super as the previous model, these cushions are still sizable at 40 centimeters (16 inches) in diameter and 15 centimeters (6 inches) thick.

This version also comes in cans of Hagoromo’s Shakkito! Corn whose name admittedly doesn’t have the same mass appeal as “sea chicken” but like the tuna, has an authentic pull-tab design on the bottom.

However, these too will require a degree of luck to obtain because they’re only available in crane games at Molly Fantasy and PALO amusement centers. These places are often found in AEON shopping centers all over Japan, or can even be played remotely with the Molly Online website and app.

In addition to the cushions, these games will also feature pouches shaped like cans of Sea Chicken and Shakkito! Corn which have the same pull-tab pattern on the bottom side.

And last but not least we have a range of hand towels with not only tuna and corn, but Hagoromo’s Morning Fruit Mix and Meat Sauce canned goods too! These 20-centimeter long towels feature not the can but rather the food inside each.

▼ It’s a bold move making a meat-sauce print towel

All these items will be put into crane games starting 3 September and continue as long as supplies last. Don’t miss out or you’ll have to settle for one of those non-canned tuna cushions instead, and those are so 2020.

Source, images: PR Times
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