Get ready for the arrival of a new era of big burgers,” the slogan promises, but does it deliver?

When it comes to burgers, our Japanese-language reporter Seiji Nakazawa holds one restaurant chain in higher esteem than the others — Burger King. For Seiji, no other burger comes close when it comes to pure, unadulterated beefy patties. Just as their restaurant name suggests, they really are the kings of meat when it comes to hamburgers.

Burger King have provided the team at SoraNews24 with many a beefy blessing in the past, and their latest offering promises to be overflowing with meaty goodness, as it’s a three-tiered creation called the ‘Big Mouth‘ burger.

▼ The Big Mouth burgers (1,080 yen [US$9.80])

The Big Mouth comes in two varieties — Cheese & Cheese which, as the name suggests, has cheese slices between the layers, and Super Spicy, with layers of jalapeño hot sauce sandwiched between the patties. Never one to shy away from spicy opponents, Seiji opted for the latter.

“Get ready for the arrival of a new era of big burgers,” the slogan promised, and Seiji felt the power of Burger King’s overwhelming confidence. This was it! This would be the big burger he had always dreamed of! Would he be able to handle the intimidating size of the Big Mouth?

▼ The Super Spicy Big Mouth From Above (2021)

As Seiji plated up the Big Mouth burger, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit let down. The burger seemed a lot smaller than the mammoth burger that he was promised. Was this really the harbinger of the new era of big beef burgers?

Seiji also bought Burger King’s classic Whopper Burger for comparison. The Whopper is on the left, and even in this picture it seems to tower over the Big Mouth, despite the Whopper having only one beef patty compared to the Big Mouth’s three. Yet the Big Mouth was some 400 yen (US$3.60) more expensive… What was going on?

We here at SoraNews24 take our taste investigations very seriously, especially when they come to towers of unbridled beef, so Seiji decided to compare the two burgers more thoroughly by dismantling them.

First up were the buns. The Whopper on the left was definitely bigger than the Big Mouth, without a doubt. But Seiji is not one to make hasty conclusions — the Whopper’s bun size may be giving off the illusion that it’s bigger than the Big Mouth, but as we all know, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

So how do the patties themselves compare? Will the Whopper patty triumph here as well?

▼ Spoiler — it’s a tie.

The Whopper and Big Mouth patties are more or less the same size, meaning you’re essentially eating three Whoppers-worth of meat with every Big Mouth. Phew!

With his brief investigation over, Seiji finally sunk his teeth into the Big Mouth, and his initial feelings of disappointment were quickly replaced by an overwhelming rush of joy. The patties were so immensely meaty, Seiji felt like he had been punched in the face with a beefy fist. The sheer volume of delicious meat in the patties, a veritable hurricane of beefy decadence that swallowed up the buns in its path — this is why Burger King is the king of the meat world.

So while it may not seem to be a monster of a burger at a glance, the Big Mouth reminds us that when it comes to food, it’s best not to judge too quickly. Unless you’re actually planning to eat like a judge, in which case, go ahead!

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