Hang in there, kid, because there’s a very happy ending to the story.

Twins naturally grow up close, and that must hold even more true for triplets. That’s not just closeness of an emotional sort, either, since suddenly adding three babies to a household means they’ll probably spend their formative years in close physical proximity to each other too.

For example, here we see a video from Japanese mother and Twitter user Marina (@MARIMERON65), who has triplet sons. The trio are all nestled together in what looks to be the same crib, but there’s not much sleeping going on in the video. Why?

Because one of the boys is hungry, and he appears ready to make a meal out the brother in the middle.

“With triplets, when they get hungry one of their brothers becomes the prey,” tweets Marina. To be fair, this doesn’t appear to be a straight-up cannibalistic craving, as the brother on the left looks to be half asleep and acting on babies’ natural instinct to suckle on whatever happens to be near their mouth when they’re hungry. The brother in the middle, though, is wide awake, and extremely aware of his sibling’s ravenous appetite.

Honestly, the kid in the middle’s expression looks like how an adult might react to having a family member treat you like someone treating you like an entrée, and his wise-beyond-his-years face has prompted online comments like

“He looks so surprised, but also so cute.”
“He’s like ‘Whoa whoa whoa seriously?’”
“’These two guys are crazy!’”
“Kid on the left: ‘Bro, you taste great!’ Kid on the right: ‘Hey, bro, what kind of shampoo have you been using?’”

As the caring mother she is, Marina is quick to get milk ready for the triplets once they start showing signs of hunger, but even then, sometimes a kid gets a double dose of this brand of brotherly attention before she can supply them all with non-sibling sustenance.

And it’s not like whoever’s lying in the middle is always on the receiving end, as the hunger can go both ways.

Thankfully, the brothers did not end up devouring each other in their infancy. Though Marina only posted the above videos recently, they were actually recorded three years ago, and the triplets all seem to be getting along great.

Oh, and if your head is swimming at the thought of having to raise three boys simultaneously…

…Marina and her husband actually have a total of five children, though at least the triplets’ older sister and brother look like they’re big enough to now handle getting their own actual-food snacks.

Source: Twitter/@MARIMERON65 via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@MARIMERON65
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