Our reporter shares her pro tips for applying wound makeup for her masked, zombie version of fan-favorite Harley Quinn this year.

Our Japanese-language reporter Natsuki Gojo is a stage actress and a huge fan of makeup and fashion in general. She observes that makeup has the power not only to change an actor’s face, but also their resolve. The ritual of applying makeup prior to a performance helps the actor truly get into the mind of the character that they’re portraying.

There aren’t many excuses outside of the world of acting to don crazy, over-the-top makeup in public. This month, though, Halloween offers one of those rare opportunities. Since Halloween 2021 will be another “masked” celebration of the holiday, Natsuki encourages partygoers to think of it not in terms of disappointment but as a chance to take some creative license in their portrayal of a character. That’s exactly the attitude she took when developing her “cute zombie version” of Harley Quinn, star of this year’s The Suicide Squad film, for which she would like to share her guide for achieving the same look.

▼ With the media’s current fascination with multiverses, perhaps we can just say that this zombie Harley Quinn is simply from another dimension.

For the zombie makeup, Natsuki planned on incorporating techniques that stage and film actors use to create gashes and wounds. You can consequently turn characters into the best zombie version of themselves if you have the following essential items on hand:

1. BB cream (any cream-based one is fine)
2. Clown color assortment (1,650 yen [US$14.70])
3. Blood paint (1,100 yen)
4. Slim makeup spatula (1,650 yen)
5. Makeup putty (1,320 yen)

For items 2-4, Natsuki used trusty Japanese brand Mitsuyoshi, but you’re welcome to find suitable substitutes as well.

▼ Here are the essential ingredients for cooking up a zombie.

It may seem like the special effects makeup that you see on TV is difficult but it’s actually quite simple at its core. Natsuki adds that makeup putty is actually a perfect tool for both professionals and beginners alike.

Step 1. Create the base of your wound.

OK, ready to get wounded? That’s not something we ever thought we’d type, but the first step to any great zombie getup is at least one noticeable gash. Shape an appropriate sized amount of your makeup putty into the base of a wound by stretching it into a long and narrow shape.

Step 2. Apply the putty to the place where you want to make the wound.

Since Natsuki would be masking up this year, she decided to make a promiscuous wound in the center of her forehead. After washing and drying her face carefully, she gently pressed the edges of the putty into her skin. She recommends that makeup beginners should find a firm place to apply the putty such as on their foreheads or cheekbones. Otherwise the application becomes trickier in softer, squishier spots like your cheeks.

Step 3. Prepare the zombie makeup.

Mix some of the BB cream with clown makeup to create a dark hue reminiscent of bruises. Apply it all over your face, especially around the edges of your putty wound.

▼ Here’s an example of Natsuki’s zombie makeup from last year (sans wound).

Step 4. Create blood splatters using the blood paint.

Using your slim makeup spatula, trace a thin line into the top of the wound putty area then color it in black with makeup. Add splashes of blood paint to the surrounding area for a realistic look that’s sure to turn heads (if not cut them clean off).

Next it was time for some fine-tuning. Here are Natsuki’s tips for creating a zombie version of Harley Quinn specifically:

● Smudge black eyeliner and gray eyeshadow under your eyes to give off a muddied appearance.
● Pencil in a black heart under your right eye (adjust the placement based on your mask).
● Blend some gold mascara in with your eyebrows to coordinate nicely with a Harley Quinn wig.
● Insert color contacts (or plan to switch things up using an app later).
● Paint your nails a deep blood-red color.
● Don’t forget to add some splatters of blood to your mask, too.

Taking a look at your face as a whole, add any final bloody details as appropriate for an artistically balanced look.

Here’s one undead Harley Quinn, ready to commit any crime for the sake of her beloved [undead] Joker. We can only hope that Natsuki won’t be stopped on the streets by the police as many times as Mr. Sato has been when he’s donning his own unorthodox costumes.

Reference: Mitsuyoshi (1, 2, 3, 4)
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