Full-scale version of the Fighting/Steel-type wants a sizable place in your heart and home.

All Pokémon effectively have the same dimensions when they’re inside their single-occupancy Poké Balls. Outside their transport spheres, though, Pocket Monsters come in all sorts of sizes, and as a proper Japanese anime/video game franchise, there are official heights for each and every species.

Obviously, this makes a “life-size” plushie of your favorite Pokémon a highly coveted piece of merch, and now that dream can come true for fans of Lucario.

The lupine Lucario isn’t the first Pokémon to get the life-size plushie treatment, but there are a couple of traits that set it apart from its 1:1-scale kin. Unlike, say, the life-size Slowpoke or Yamper, Lucario stands on two legs, in vertically oriented proportions, and in contrast to the short and stout Psyduck, Lucario is 120 centimeters (47.2 inches) tall!

It’s so big that it might make you ponder if there’s a size at which something stops being a plushie and starts being a statue, regardless of the softness of the material it’s covered in.

The Life-Size Lucario, as it’s officially and aptly called, is recommended for fans age 6 and up, though it’ll actually be taller than some kids of that age. With a weight of four kilograms (8.8 pounds), odds are you won’t be carrying it around the house from room to room, but it’s an interior accent that definitely makes a statement.

▼ The statement being “I really like Lucario.”

The Life-Size Lucario’s is even posable, if you feel like recreating some of its Fighting-type moves.

▼ And in case you’re wondering why the plushie is holding a towel in that one photo, it might be a reference to this scene from Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!

The Life-Size Lucario is priced at 46,200 yen (US$405) through the Pokémon Center Online shop here, with shipping scheduled for late May.

Source: Pokémon Center Online via Nijimen
Top image: Twitter/@pokemoncenterPR
Insert images: Pokémon Center Online
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