This looks like a job for the Sailor Senshi!

No matter how much you like your job or how good you are at it, everyone has days when they start to feel overwhelmed. When you’re faced with a looming deadline, unforeseen problems, or a blockage of creative juices, you might even find yourself wondering “Can I really do this?”

So when Japanese Twitter user @sateyo feels her confidence starting to wane, she takes a moment to take a peek inside her bag, where she keeps a subtle reminder that tells her yes, inside herself she has the power to overcome any crisis.

“I secretly take my Transformation Pen with me when I go to the office, and when the going gets tough, I tell myself ‘But I can transform at any time,” says @sateyo, whose sparkly charm will immediately look familiar to fans of Sailor Moon.

Specifically, it bears the emblem of Sailor Venus, @sateyo’s favorite member of the anime/manga’s cast, and the idea that @sateyo, just like ordinary schoolgirl Minako Aino, could transform into the sailor-suited superheroine when the chips are down gives her an emotional pick-me-up to power through those moments of self-doubt.

▼ In addition to being a pen, it’s also a pointer, meaning it could even be used in presentations for in-the-moment reassurance.

@sateyo simple but effective confidence booster has been applauded with over 150,000 likes, as well as reactions such as:

“For fans, this is like your very own protection amulet.”
“Aside from Sailor Moon, you could do this with replica transformation items from Kamen Rider or PreCure. Or if you’re a Pokémon fan, you could keep a Poké Ball in your bag.”
“We all want to transform, don’t we?”
“Oh wow, now I want to carry one of these around too!”

Fellow Sailor Senshi in disguise also responded by saying that they’re going to make a point of carrying their transformation items with them too, should the need arise to tap into their full powers.

Because even when you feel like you’re starting to lose faith in yourself, you can always believe in your favorite Senshi, right?

Source: Twitter/@sateyo via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@sateyo
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