Pretty brand plus pretty characters? Pretty fashionable!

The Sailor Moon anime is celebrating 30 years this year, and one way Japan loves to celebrate is with collaborations. Fashion brand Anna Sui has long been a collaborator with the series since their aesthetics are so similar. This time around, Anna Sui and Sailor Moon are teaming up to release a limited edition line of accessories, and there are eight different accessories total, ranging from towels, to pouches, and more.

▼ Let’s start with these fancy handkerchiefs.

Handkerchiefs cost 2,000 yen (US$17.36) each and come in three different patterns: one featuring the Sailor Scout symbols surrounded by butterflies — one of Anna Sui’s popular symbols — one featuring Sailor Scout pens, and one featuring silhouettes of all 10 Sailor Scouts. Since Anna Sui designs typically feature purples, pinks, and blacks, they pair perfectly with the feminine color scheme of the Sailor Moon series.

▼ What’s just as useful as handkerchiefs? Hand towels.

The collection also has two different styles of handkerchief. One features an interpretation of the Sailor Scout transformation sequence, and the other shows Sailor Moon herself posing in front of an Anna Sui shop, complete with butterfly wings. They cost just 1,000 yen each.

▼ There are even tools to store your own Moon Prism Power Makeup (or just your makeup).

Looking for a new pouch? Try one of these Anna Sui and Sailor Moon collaboration pouches in either purple or black, for 4,000 yen each. The zipper is shaped like a butterfly, and the design in the center is meant to represent all 10 Sailor Scouts.

▼ And for those who want to shout their Sailor Moon love loud and proud: shopping bags!

The final two pieces in the collection are these eco-friendly polyester shopping bags. They even come with a pouch to store the bag in when not in use! They use the same designs as a couple of the handkerchiefs, and they measure 30 centimetres wide by 34 centimetres in height (11.8 inches by 13.4 inches).

So, where can you get these? Reservations started online at Handkerchief Gallery on February 10, but they won’t actually go on sale in stores and online until February 25. So mark your calendars; and if you’re hungry for more 30th anniversary merch, check out their collaborations with Sanrio!

Source: PR Times via Japaaan
Images: PR Times
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