Totally mature adult on the outside, 100-percent magical girl on the inside.

If you’re someone who regrets your messy habits and disorganized tendencies, then a recent video from Japanese Twitter user @clipnotebook is an inspiration in how much neater and tidier your living space could be. And if you’re a magical girl anime fan, it’s aspirational for a whole different reason.

As the video opens, we see @clipnotebook’s corner cabinet. It’s utilitarian in both design and purpose, a boxy gray array of drawers, each with a clearly printed label carefully affixed to the top left corner so that she can tell what’s in each slot without opening it up.

It’s a sensible, responsible, and admirably mature approach to interior design tha-…wait, what’s this?

There’s a drawer with the label セーラームーン, which translates to “Sailor Moon.”

Given how organized @clipnotebook is, if that’s what the label says, that must be what’s inside, right? Right indeed, but the big surprise is how much Sailor Moon stuff is tucked away in that drawer.

The special Sailor Moon drawer contains no fewer than 22 transformation brooches and compacts, plus a double-tier tray’s worth of transformation pens, moon sticks, and other Sailor Senshi equipment.

“Every time I open this drawer, it gets me amped up,” says @clipnotebook, and the glittering, gorgeously arranged collection is having a similar effect on other Sailor Moon fans who’ve left comments such as:

“It’s a drawer filled with dreams and excitement.”
“You’re living the good life.”
“What a wonderful collection of treasures.”
“That’d make me happy every time I opened it too.”
“You even have the special one they sold at Universal Studios Japan.”

@clipnotebook also revealed that her cabinet is actually made of filing cases from Mujirushi (found here) that she’s stacked one on top of the other, in case you’re looking to follow her lead.

If you can keep your attention from being pulled to all the bright and shiny things in @clipnotebook’s Sailor Moon drawer, you might notice that some of the others are labeled “Sanrio” and “Sylvanian Family,” and she says she plans to give a peek at what’s inside of them at a later date. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for ways to give yourself a Sailor Moon morale boost not just at home, but at the office too, this fan has a plan.

Source: Twitter/@clipnotebook (1, 2) via Otakomu
Top image: Twitter/@clipnotebook
Insert images: Twitter/@clipnotebook, Mujirushi
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