Entire room dedicated to the Nintendo video game star is cute, cuddly and pink all over.

Kirby may not have the sales success or critical acclaim of Super Mario, but it’s pretty hard to argue against the notion that the plucky pink puffball is Nintendo’s most adorable character, and by a pretty wide margin. That also makes Kirby, as a character, one of the most marketable video game characters in cuteness-loving Japan. I mean, just look at the huge variety of plushies, figures, and other Kirby merch on the shelves here!

That beautiful sight might have you wondering where you can find this wonderful store, and also mentally picking out which souvenirs you’ll start your shopping spree with. The truth is, though, that these photos aren’t from a Kirby specialty store, but the special Kirby room in the home of fan and Japanese Twitter user @0418_kirby_!

▼ And there are even more Kirbies in the closet!

With Kirby making his debut in 1992’s Kirby’s Dream Land, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this was a collection three decades in the making. The truth, though, is that @0418_kirby_ assembled this amazing array in just about five years.

▼ The top left photo shows the state of the collection in October of 2017, and the others are from six months ago.

It’s gotten to the point that @0418_kirby_ needs to be pretty creative in finding places for everyone.

▼ Sure, to the untrained eye it looks like these Kirbies are wedged between the shelf and closet door, but true fans know the character can fly, so they’re probably just hovering in midair, right?

Along with gasps of “Kawaii!”, online reactions to the Kirby room have included:

“It’s my dream to one day have a room like this.”
“It totally looks like a Kirby shop!”
“Everything is arranged so nicely.”
“It’s like I’m being hammered with cuteness.”
“Hahaha there’s a [Pokémon] Rowlet that snuck in!”
“So many Kirbies!”

▼ @0418_kirby_ also has an Instagram account, kirby_2ll.

I counted up to 238 Kirbies in the room before my eyes glazed over with cuteness, so the total number is actually somewhere above even that. Even still, when one appreciative commenter shared a photo of their much more modestly sized collection…

…it turned out that @0418_kirby_ hasn’t yet acquired the bag shown in the photo, so the Kirby room might be getting a new addition soon.

Source: Twitter/@0418_kirby_ via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@0418_kirby_
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