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All we can say is, “This is going to be soooo Cute!!”

We all know that Kirby from the popular game series is a seriously adorable character. So we guess it’s not surprising at all that a Kirby-themed cafe will be opening this summer in August. The Kirby Cafe, which has just recently been announced, will be a limited time affair, and not much detail has been released yet, but the Japanese internet is already buzzing about how cute the concept is!

▼ Here’s the tweet from HAL Laboratory, one of the developers of the Kirby Series, announcing the opening of the Kirby Cafe:

All we know at this time is that the cafe will be open for a limited time starting in August and that there will be original Kirby merchandise available exclusively at the cafe. Still, that information and some adorable images on the cafe’s Twitter page, have been enough to get fans of Kirby and all things cute quite excited.

▼ Yes, the cafe now has its own Twitter account! How can you not just melt and say awwwww at this short video of Kirby promoting his cafe?

There’s also a Kirby Cafe website, but all you’ll find there right now is this image:

Kirby 1

Well, we guess we’ll have to wait in anticipation a little longer to find out exactly when in August and where the cafe will open. We can’t wait to see what the menu will look like, since there’s bound to be a lot of creative ways to have fun with that — we are already daydreaming about the cute Kirby and star-shaped treats. Who knows, this could be the hot, go-to cafe of the summer this year!

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