Feed your mind and fashion sense with this stylishly simulated snack.

There are few fried chicken brands in Japan as endearing as Karaage-kun, having celebrated its 35th year as Lawson convenience store’s flagship fried food, and still going stronger than ever.

In fact, it’s going so strong that it’s now inspired a line of pouches.

Left: Karaage-kun chicken, Right: Karaage-kun pouch

Yes, it only makes sense to base a couple of real pouches on the paper pouches that these balls of chicken are famously sold in. Two types are available, featuring the package designs of Regular and the slightly spicier Red flavor.

Left: Regular, Right: Red

Although designed to be useful as a regular pouch and store cosmetics, keys, chargers, or whatever, the designers were remarkably faithful to the original chicken package design. Even the little slit on the front used to hold the toothpick has been converted into a pen holder!

But in addition to the standard front flap, your items are given the extra security of a shooting star zipper, perhaps alluding to Karaage-kun’s recent approval to the space program.

▼ Or maybe just because stars are cute.

These pouches can be bought from the online shop Takarajima Channel, HMV stores, HMV & Books Online, and the magazine rack of Lawson convenience stores for 1,485 yen (US$12).

These might seem like unusual places to buy a pouch, but that’s because it’s also sold with the official Karaage-kun Special Book. This magazine is full of information that Karaage-kun fans are sure to gobble up by the mouthful.

Some examples of the beans spilled in this tome include the fact that the Karaage-kun mascot pictured on the front of the packages is not a chicken at all. It’s a fairy!

▼ A very chicken-looking fairy, but a fairy nonetheless.

There’s also a rundown of the long history of the product, from its development in 1980 and release in 1986, as well as recipes to take your chicken balls to the next level.

▼ I’m ashamed to admit that it never once occurred to me to actually make something with Karaage-kun.

The Karaage-kun pouch is another proud entry in the noble line of junk foods repurposed as lifestyle goods like the Pringles thermos or Cup Noodle pouch.

And if any of Katy Perry’s friends are reading this then it’d probably make a great gift. I imagine she’s really hard to shop for.

Source, images: PR Times
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