One Piece Film: Red teams up with Peach John to create lingerie sets for Nami, Robin, and Uta, plus Shanks pajamas for guys and girls.

When anime TV series get an original side-story movie, they need to find a way to creates stakes and tension without deviating from mainline plot of the weekly episodes. Oftentimes the solution is to add a new character as a guest star who the regular casts meets and whose adventures become temporarily entwined with, which is what happens in the newest One Piece theatrical installment, One Piece Film: Red, and its introduction of the songstress Uta.

Uta isn’t only getting attention because she’s the movie’s central character, though. For one thing, she’s the daughter of Shanks, pirate lord and mentor of series protagonist Luffy. Then there’s the fact that Uta’s singing voice is provided by Ado, whose song “Usseewa” became pop culture phenomenon last year. And now, Uta’s profile is rising even higher with her very own lingerie from the designers at intimate apparel maker Peach John, which top cosplayer Enako has cosplay modeled.

The Uta Bra Set takes its cues from the character’s asymmetrical two-tone hairstyle and angelic motifs. There’s even a pair of wings at the point where the crisscrossing shoulder straps meet in back.

In addition to the Uta Bra Set, there’s also an Uta Lingerie Set, which replaces the bra with a nightgown and simplifies the pantie design somewhat.

Once again, angel wings are part of the design, this time taking up places on either side of the breezy slit in the upper back.

Uta’s daddy is also a key figure in One Piece Film: Red, though (he’s called “Red-Haired Shanks,” after all, and leads the Red-Haired Pirates). While Peach John is primarily a lingerie maker, they also carry some men’s items, which is where the Shanks Pajama Set comes in, with a cut that’s loose enough to relax yet flattering enough for swashbuckling style.

Enako takes a brief break from modeling duties here, with comedian and YouTuber Crystal Noda instead filling in as the swashbuckling father.

The Shanks Pajamas are actually available in both men’s and women’s sizes, and Peach John recommends matching his/her sets for couples. The designers also say that the buttons are openable for a more “wild” look, but as Noda demonstrates, full wildness can be achieved by just taking off the shirt entirely.

Another tried-and-true method of spicing up the visuals for an anime franchise’s theatrical installment is to give the regular cast new costumes. Some of the Straw Hat Pirates’ new duds are also getting the Peach John treatment, starting with the Nami Lingerie Set, which Enako returns for.

As with the Uta Lingerie Set, this includes a nightgown and panties. It actually provides quite a bit more coverage in the front than Nami’s outfit does, with a fairly high neckline. The back, though, is quite a bit more exposed.

Also getting a Lingerie Set is Robin, though in her case Peach John uses the term to mean a bra and panties, with no nightgown.

▼ It’s linguistically inconsistent, but people have been known to sometimes have trouble concentrating when Robin’s around.

Enako is actually sporting a lot of accessories that aren’t included in the set itself in her photos here. The silver ox’s head on the back, though, is part of the Peach John package.

And finally checking in with Uta one more time, there’s a cozy roomwear hoodie based on her rainbow-trimmed jacket.

It’ll probably be a while until the weather is cool enough to warrant wearing something like this, but in the meantime, the eye-catching colors and graphics essentially turn it into a stylish interior accent hanging in your closet or clothes rack.

The Uta Bra Set, Robin Lingerie Set, and Shanks Pajama Set are priced at 5,478 yen (US$40.60), the Uta and Nami Lingerie Sets at 6,028 yen, and the Uta Hoodie at 6,908 yen. They all go on sale September 21 and can be ordered through the Peach John online shop here.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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