Stage play gives first looks at Yuri and Fiona.

The second season of the Spy x Family anime TV series is winding down, with the story of dependable husband Loid Forger (secretly a spy), his kindhearted wife Yor (secretly an assassin) and their daughter Anya (secretly clairvoyant) nowhere near its conclusion. Given the anime’s success, an eventual third season is inevitable, but there’s no word yet on when it will air.

Thankfully, we know for certain that we’ll be able to see the Forgers and their friends this coming spring, because even if they’re not on TV then, they’ll be on stage thanks to the Musical Spy x Family live-action stage play. We got our first look at the performers who’ll be playing Loid and Yor a while back, and now the producers have released in-costume visuals for even more critical members of the core cast.

Kurumu Okamiya will be playing Yor’s little brother Yuri Briar. Like just about everyone in the series, Yuri’s got his own secret, which is that he’s a member of the secret police of Ostania, the country where Loid is living and operating as an agent of rival nation Westalis.

Well, actually it’s more accurate to say that Okamyia will sometimes be playing Yuri. Musical Spy x Family is employing what’s known in Japanese theater parlance as a “double cast” system, meaning that Yuri’s role will be filled by two different actors depending on the specific performance date and time. So if it’s not Okamiya seething with overprotective little brother fury on stage, it’ll be Tsubasa Takizawa.

Stepping into the shoes (and underneath the hat) of Loid’s handler Sylvia Sherwood will be Manato Asaka

…and Anya’s authority figure, Eden Academy instructor Hendry Henderson, will be elegantly entrusted to Soma Suzuki.

Rounding out the new reveals are Kento Kinouchi as Franky Franklin, a key source of insider information and personal friendship for Loid…

…and Nonoka Yamaguchi as Fiona Frost, a.k.a. Nightfall, a junior operative in Loid’s intelligence organization whose impeccable poker face has allowed her to conceal her syrupy sweet feelings of affection towards him from everyone except the mind-reading Anya.

Speaking of Anya, the precious tyke who’s equally adept at stealing scenes and viewers’ hearts is still yet to be cast, apparently, as the Musical Spy x Family website says they’re still holding auditions as part of “Operation Search for Anya.” They’re specifically auditioning child actors, though, so unlike with the Spirited Away stage play, we won’t be seeing an adult actress take on the child’s role.

▼ Anya does show up in silhouette in the musical’s new teaser trailer, but it may just be a stand-in’s.

Musical Spy x Family is scheduled to play in Tokyo from March 8 to 29, followed by performances in Hyogo Prefecture in April and Fukuoka in May.

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Source: Musical Spy x Family official website via IT Media
Images: Musical Spy x Family official website
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