Who better to run a cafe than violent anime devil hunters Denji and Power?

There’s a new anime cafe on the way in Japan, serving as a culinary salute to one of the biggest hits of the recently wrapped fall TV season. The concept for the cafe, which will be opening in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, is that the anime’s core-cast characters have become patissiers, taking a break from their series’ narrative-based goals to come together and create luxury pastries and photogenic entrees as expressions of their playful hearts.

That seems like it’d be an easy change of daily routine for the helpful and easygoing Forgers of Spy x Family, or maybe even the earnest aspiring musicians of Bocchi the Rock. But instead, this cafe is ostensibly being run by Denji, Power, and their pals from vivaciously violent devil-hunting action series Chainsaw Man.

The result is that several items on the Chainsaw Man Cafe’s menu have a more…visceral appearance than what you’ll find at other eateries specializing in light fare and desserts. The Devil Mont Blanc pictured above, for example, looks quite a bit more sinister than non-demonic versions of the chestnut cream treat, and the cafe is being coy regarding what gives it its color and what that eyeball is made of (fingers crossed it’s not just an eyeball, like how another anime cafe’s jellyfish drink really had jellyfish tentacle in it).

Along those same lines, the cafe doesn’t just have a chocolate cake, but an Aftermath of Chainsaw Man’s Battle Chocolate Cake, with brownie bits, berry sauce, and cranberry chunks splashed around the plate like the flayed remains of the title character’s foes.

The Pochita Purin Parfait, though, is disarmingly cute, as long as you don’t know the true, terrifying extent of his powers and identity…

…and the Chainsaw Man Cake, purposely off-kilter to create the atmosphere that Denji and his non-professional chef friends made it, isn’t too frightening if you can ignore the surrounding blood stains.

Each main dish is associated with a specific character, with your first option being Power’s Croquette Hammer Short Pasta.

Then there’s Aki Hayakawa’s Corn Beef Toasty sandwich, accompanied by an apple slice cut to look like little bunny rabbit.

▼ Officially, it’s a “Kon Beef” sandwich, kon being the sound foxes make in Japanese.

Denji’s dish is the Ultimate Rice Omelet, which comes with jars of tomato, cream, and shrimp sauce to pour on to taste…

…and finally, there’s Makima’s Afternoon Quiche Bread Lunch plate.

Meanwhile, the most visually interesting drinks on offer are Power’s Bloody Orange Juice, with two spicy peppers representing her horns…

…and Makima’s Alluring Berry Cafe Latte, which actually looks a little intimidating with the contrast between the bamboo charcoal coloring and bright red berry sauce.

And, of course, there’s also going to be a wealth of limited-edition merch for sale, featuring the Chainsaw Man characters in their cafe uniforms in both regular and super-deformed proportions.

▼ Straps/keychains

▼ Clear files

▼ Acrylic character standees

▼ Tableware

The Chainsaw Man Cafe will be operating as a pop-up restaurant,opening on February 2 in Tokyo inside the Gems Shibuya building and in Nagoya at inside the Nagoya branch of department store Parco. Osaka’s opens a little later, on February 22, at Tennoji Mio. Nagoya’s will be the first to close, on March 12, while the Tokyo and Osaka Chainsaw Man Cafes will keep their kitchens going until April 2. Reservations aren’t required but are recommended, and considering how crazy long the lines can get for cafes based on popular anime, it’s a recommendation that it’s probably a smart idea to follow.

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