We would like to humbly request more anime x traditional Japanese craft pairings after this. 

Traditional Japanese karuta playing cards have reached new heights of popularity in recent years thanks to media such as the Chihayafuru manga and anime series. While there are many longstanding types of karuta such as hanafuda flower cards, it’s always fun when a classic game gets a modern upgrade.

▼ A typical hanafuda deck consists of 48 cards featuring different natural scenes that represent the 12 months.

Enter Charaditional, a company which partners with Japanese artisans to combine modern pop culture characters with traditional toys like this kimono-cloth Pikachu doll. In a recent announcement, Charaditional shared that its upcoming line of products will be themed on classic series Urusei Yatsura, now airing its second TV anime series adaptation.

For this particular collaboration, the company is partnering with Oishi Tengudo, a Kyoto-based hanafuda specialty store that’s been around since 1800!

▼ A sneak peak at cards featuring the main cast of Ataru, Mendo, Lum, Cherry and Sakura, and Shinobu

Not much information has been revealed other than that the deck will be available in an original wooden box for playing or neatly arranged in a large framed picture for displaying. Illustrations from the cards will also appear on a hanging scroll, large PC mat, canvas art, tin badges, strap charm set, tapestry, and acrylic stands (pine, sakura, moon, rain, and empress tree versions).

Charaditional will take preorders for the Urusei Yatsura hanafuda between February 1 and 22 on its website. Prices aren’t available yet, but based on the previously released Attack on Titan hanafuda deck, fans can probably expect to pay somewhere in the ballpark of 4,180 yen (US$32) for the wooden box of playable cards or 19,800 yen for the framed picture artwork.

In the meantime, if you’ve got to get your Urusei Yatsura tie-in fix in some other way, you may want to go all out by purchasing these high school cosplay uniforms or these Onitsuka Tiger sneakers.

Source, top image: PR Times
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