These three beautiful new drinks will keep you cool and your taste buds happy this summer.

Starbucks Japan fans are all abuzz about the chain coffee shop’s new lineup of 47 Frappuccinos, which were all created based on ideas from employees in each of Japan’s 47 prefectures. But did you know that the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo also has its own staff-selected drink menu now?

The Roastery, which is in the upscale neighborhood of Nakameguro, is offering three new items known as the Tokyo Creation Beverages, and all three are beautifully designed, artistic drinks. The Coffee Cherry Tonic (972 yen [US$8.75] for takeout, 990 yen for dine-in), for example, is a lovely summery mix of fruit flavors and coffee.

This drink is made with pomegranate syrup, lemon syrup, tonic water, and the Reserve Roastery’s summer-only espresso, Paradeisi Blend. Of course, the flavor combination sounds delicious, but just look at how beautiful it is! It has four distinct layers, and in the tonic layer are red currants and mint leaves, which represent coffee cherries and leaves of a coffee plant. Isn’t it stunning?

If you want something even fruitier, then you’ll probably like their second staff-created drink: the Teavana Fruit Punch (972 yen for takeout/990 yen for dine-in). Doesn’t it just look like a fruit paradise?

It’s a glass of Teavana’s Strawberry Mint Oolong tea topped with multiple different kinds of fruit. It’s super colorful and looks delightfully refreshing, the perfect drink for summer!

Finally, if you’re looking for a delicious summer cocktail, look no further than the Roastery’s new Tokyo Limoncello Sour (1,870 yen, dine-in only).

It’s a lemon sour made with Limoncello and served by the Roastery’s Arriviamo Bar. It also has a Japanese flair with the addition of Koushun Sencha, a type of green tea from Shizuoka, making it an elevated lemonade for adults, the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer night.

These three drinks are available now at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery but only while supplies last, so if you want to try them, you better head over sooner rather than later! And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out their dreamy goods collab with Converse Tokyo for some limited-edition collectibles.

Source, images: Starbucks
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