Master Sword, Triforce, and Hyrule Crest present three challenges.

Tears of the Kingdom, the newest game in Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series, comes out next month, and as always presents a bit of a dilemma for fans. With new mainline Zelda games only coming out every five or six years, do you test your willpower by taking things slow and savoring every step of the quest, or do you dive in with unbridled enthusiasm and experience as much as you can as soon as possible?

But even if you somehow manage to solve every mystery waiting in Tears of the Kingdom within a month, there’s still another supply of Zelda puzzles on the way with a gorgeous collection of 3-D puzzles.

Created by Japanese toymaker Hanayama Puzzle, the three sets are part of the company’s Huzzle line. A triple-sided play on words between the company’s name, the English “puzzle,” and the Japanese “hazureru” (meaning “to be removed” or “to come off”), the goal is to separate the pieces from each other. Each of the puzzles is a three-dimensional recreation of an artifact with deep significance within the Zelda lore, starting with the below-pictured Triforce, which Hanayama Puzzle ranks as a five on its six-point difficulty scale.

Slightly less challenging is the Hyrule Crest, with a difficulty rating of four. Some Zelda scholars might contend that this is, in fact, the Royal Crest, but regardless of what you call it the objective is still to unbind the Triforce-tipped chain.

And last, for those seeking the highest challenge, the Master Sword has the maximum six-point difficulty rating, as befitting the blade that can only be held by the most capable heroes.

Each puzzle is priced at 3,300 yen (US$25) and recommended for fans age 15 and older. All three go on sale this June.

Source: Twitter/@hanayama_puzzle via Inside Games via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Twitter/@hanayama_puzzle
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