All the excitement of your cat pawing up a storm at its litter box with none of the mess to clean up!

Usually, decorative snow globes come in one of two varieties. Either they depict a cold-weather location, like an alpine forest or Santa’s workshop at the North Pole, or they go the opposite way with something like a humorously snow-covered tropical beach.

But the newest snow globe-style capsule toys from Japan’s Kitan Club feature cats, which have no traditional or ironic connection with snow. Take a closer look, though, and you’ll see that each one of them is pawing up the contents of their litter box and sending them flying about, a scene all too familiar to cat owners.

But while snow globes don’t contain actual snow, these capsule toys have actual kitty litter powder swirling around inside of them. Each Nekozuna Snow Dome (nekozuna being the Japanese for “kitty litter”) comes with a small packet of kitty litter powder. As shown in the diagram on the left in the image below, you take the top portion of the piece off, fill it with water, pour in the powder, and then reattach the base that contains the cat figure and its box.

The lineup consists of four felines: Shiro and Kuro (solid white and black fur, respectively), Chatora (a brown tabby), and Mike (pronounced “Mee Kay,” a calico). The modestly sized lineup means you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting the one you want without too many turns of the gacha crank, though they’re all adorable and at 6.7 centimeters (2.6 inches) in width, they’re compact enough to make space for on just about any study or work desk.

The Nekozuna Snow Dome haven’t started appearing in capsule toy vending machines just yet, but Twitter commenters are already excited about their imminent arrival.

“What is this I want it.”
“Brilliant idea.”
“Gonna be turning the crank as soon as I find these in a machine.”
“So cute! Makes me feel like I should run and get my vacuum.”
“Definitely buying definitely buying definitely buying.”
“The beautiful fluttering of kitty litter.”

The Nekozuna Snow Domes are priced at 500 yen (US$3.80) and are scheduled to start showing up in gacha machines in the middle of this month.

Source: Kitan Club via Japaaan, Twitter/@kitan_club
Images: Kitan Club
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