“Prohibited Parfait” brings new meaning to nude food.

Japanese parfaits are famous for being beautifully designed with careful attention to detail, often looking like works of art that are perfect for photographing and sharing on Instagram.

Over in Nagasaki, however, there’s a store selling parfaits that might need a bit of censoring before sharing online, because, well, they contain nudity.

▼ The parfaits are being sold at Olympic, a long-established cafe that sells Nagasaki specialties…

▼ …and enormous 1.2-metre (47-inch) tall parfaits.

In business since 1963, Olympic’s 1.2-metre tall parfait is called the Nagasaki Yume Tower (“Nagasaki Dream Tower”), which retails for a whopping 9,350 yen (US$69.57).

Alternatively, there’s the slightly shorter 1-metre tall “World Tower“, on the menu for 7,920 yen.

The parfaits have featured on numerous television shows, making the store popular with locals, tourists, and students who visit the area on school trips.

While the huge parfaits get most of the attention, there are plenty of other parfaits on the menu, all with creative names like “Cinderella“, “Devil’s Parfait“, and “Yama” (“Judge of the Afterlife“).

Our Nagasaki-based reporter Mariko Ohanabatake often ordered the Devil’s Parfait when she was younger, but now that she’s an adult member of society, a different type of parfait has been appealing to her.

▼ The “Prohibited Parfait” (left) and “Ultimate Parfait” (right). We’ve pixelated them to protect their privacy…for now.

Mariko ordered the “Prohibited Parfait” for 1,100 yen, and after about ten minutes, it arrived at her table.

Resisting the urge to giggle behind her hand at the sight of it, she snapped a few photos, and decided to give us a slow reveal, like a parfait striptease, if you will.

▼ Are you ready for the grand reveal?

▼ Behold, the Prohibited Parfait!!!

Taking a closer look at it all, Mariko was impressed to find that the parfait was served in a curvy glass that resembled the feminine curves of a female body.

▼ The topping was as colourful and top-heavy as the headwear you might see at a topless cabaret.

The upper portion of the glass acted as the chest area, holding in a pair of chocolate breasts that were perfectly placed to align with the hip-jutting shape of the glass. The attention to detail continued as Mariko ran her eyes down to the chocolate ice cream, which reminded her of a garter belt, and the chocolate-chip ice cream, which looked a bit like a pair of leopard-print panties.

After eating the enormous topping of fruit, cream, and soft-serve ice cream, Mariko lifted the cone to bite into it, and was surprised when the breasts came out to greet her too.

Hoping nobody around her had witnessed this brazen display of nudity, she blushed slightly at the surprise of it all, before pushing the breasts back into the glass for eating with the garter belt and leopard print panties.

It was a fantastic parfait, and after polishing it off, she mused at how surprising it was, all the way from the naming of it, through to its visual impact and taste.

▼ The contents of the Ultimate Parfait are only slightly different.

Now that her adulthood has led her to enjoy the taste of a prohibited parfait, Mariko is keener than ever to let her adult stomach have a go at demolishing the parfait tower.

It’s a feat that might require the help of some of her colleagues, though, who’ve already tested their mettle on the Super Colossal Mega Parfait, a giant cream soda, and Osaka’s two-foot tall parfait.

With their impressive track records, they’d definitely be able to demolish the tower together…as long as she can keep their eyes away from the Prohibited Parfait!

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