A new type of snack that’ll change the way you think about doughnuts forever.

The second day of June should forever be known as Misdo Revolution Day, according to our reporter P.K. Sanjun. You see, that’s the day when Mister Donut, or “Misdo” as the chain is popularly known, released a new type of doughnut called the Zaku Mocchi Ring, and P.K. thinks it’s so special it’ll change the way we think about doughnuts from now on.

In fact, he goes so far as to call it one of the genius inventions of the century, which is a bold claim for anything, least of all a doughnut. So let’s take a look at what makes this doughnut so special in P.K.’s eyes, and the eyes of many online, who’ve joined P.K. in joyous exultation over the product.

▼ The three varieties of Zaku Mocchi Ring (left to right, middle shelf): Azuki & Whipped Cream, Beef Stew & Potato and Spicy Meat & Potato.

The first thing that makes these doughnuts so great is the fact that they contain not just one but two flavours. Two for the price of one is always a good deal, but making it even more special is the way these flavours are delivered — instead of being placed on the dough, or sandwiched in between two layers of dough, the flavours are injected inside it.

You might be thinking, “Isn’t that just a filled doughnut?” However, P.K. would like to assure you that this is not like any filled doughnut you’ve ever had before. That’s because it’s a doughnut ring, and the filling goes all the way around the ring, involving more technical wizardry than simply piping one flavour into a mound of dough.

The second thing that makes these special is the flavours themselves, as they’re not just sweet but savoury too. Then there’s the contrast in textures, achieved by utilising a hot water baking method that makes the inside super soft, even after it’s been coated in breadcrumbs and fried, which gives it a super crunchy exterior.

▼ The textures are highlighted in the name “Zaku Mocchi Ring”, with “zaku” meaning “crunch” and “mocchi” meaning “chewy”

While the look and feel of the doughnut puts it in a category above all others, the taste seals the deal. P.K. first tried the Beef Stew & Potato doughnut and immediately fell in love — not only did he like the way the fillings were placed on either side of the ring, giving him the option to taste them separately or together, he also loved the hearty flavour of it all.

▼ The breadcrumbs were delectably crunchy, contrasting perfectly with the soft and chewy dough, while the rich stew paired perfectly with the moreish mashed potato.

The fried breadcrumb exterior kind of reminded him of a curry pan, but with a doughnut-like twist that was like the best of two worlds colliding. And when he tried the Spicy Meat & Potato, this too left a lasting impression, as the meaty mix had been embellished with a good hit of spice that tingled on his taste buds.

It was like eating dinner and dessert in the same mouthful, so when it came to trying the Azuki & Whipped Cream, P.K. was looking forward to the welcome taste of sweet-on-sweet.

This beautiful doughnut was just as delicious as its savoury counterparts, making for a fantastic dessert that hit all the right notes between cream, red bean paste and roasted soybean powder.

By the end of his three-piece meal, P.K. was full and satisfied, thanks to the doughnuts and their moreish fillings. As he sat back and patted his satiated belly, he shook his head in amazement at how the chain had managed to pipe two two fillings into a ring doughnut but keep them apart at the same time.

It was a revolutionary new approach to filling a doughnut and one that P.K. is definitely keen to try again while they’re on the menu, priced at 270 yen (US$1.93) for take-out or 275 yen for dine-in. Vive la doughnut revolution!

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