The classic Rumiko Takahashi series teams up with Felissimo.

Rumiko Takahashi is best known as the creator of manga/anime series Urusei Yatsura and Inuyasha, but those are just two of the many massive hits on the artist’s resume. Another of Takahashi’s claims to fame is Ranma 1/2, which ran in manga form for nearly a decade and was adapted into an anime TV, video, and movie series.

Which is to say there are a lot of Ranma fans out there, and they’re getting a new line of fashion merch, thanks to the creative designers at apparel/lifestyle brand Felissimo.

Starting things off is a set of soft, quilted cotton pajamas in the Chinese style that Ranma is fond of sleeping/loafing in, dotted with swirly naruto fish cake graphics. Felissimo had a similar set in the Ranma line they offered last year, but the vivid red color is new for 2023.

Moving on to the entirely new items, that panda perched on the model’s knee is available for purchase too. This is a functional plushie of main character Ranma’s dad, Genma, whose curse turns him into a panda whenever he gets splashed with cold water. Since pandas can’t talk, Genma does a lot of his communicating with signboards, and this plushie is actually a memo stand, as you can slide a business card-sized slip of paper inside the sign’s frame to display any reminders or messages you want.

Genma is far from the only character in the series who lives with a water-splash curses, and three more of them are preset on stylish socks with embroidered versions of the their normal and transformed forms. From left to right, there’s Ranma (in male and female forms), Ryoga (man and pig), and Shampoo (woman and cat).

Bouncing back to the weirdly inventive side of the collection, Ranma has an entire storyline that gets kicked off with Ranma receiving a martial arts showdown challenge that’s written in sauce and mayonnaise on an Osaka-style okonomiyaki (a kind of Japanese pancake/crepe). This okonomiyaki, bearing the message “Meet me behind the gym – Ukyo,” is recreated here as a plush pouch. Not only does the fabric pattern have little illustrated shrimp and cabbage shreddings, the zipper is shaped like a hera, the spatula-like utensil used to grill and flip okonomiyaki.

Need to hold even more stuff? This reversible bag will take care of that problem. It’s done in the soft-sided kinchaku handbag style originally used with kimono, but the cords are long enough to use as a shoulder bag too. The crimson side features Ranma and Akane, his fiancé (or one of his fiancés, anyway), while the beige side adds in panda Genma, pig Ryoga (a.k.a. P-chan), and cat Shampoo.

Those three animal-version characters can also be found on a trio of the fluffy-lining room shoe designs…

…and the hair clips, where they’re joined by female Ranma, human Shampoo, and Akane.

Rounding out the fashion items are a top and pants based on Ranma’s customary attire…

…and there are also wasanbon Japanese sugar candies

…and tea tins.

▼ Available in Ranma’s Jusenkyo Blend (a citrus tea that changes color), Akane’s Sakura Green Tea, and Shampoo’s pu’er tea.

Prices start at 1,430 yen (US$9.80) for the hair clips, 1,512 for the candies, 1,540 for the socks, 2,420 for the tea tins, 3,410 for the room shoes, 3,520 for the okonomiyaki pouch, 3,630 for the Genma plushie, 3,740 for the shoulder bag, 5,940 for the pants 7,150 for the shirt, and top out at 7,590 yen for the pajamas. Shipping is scheduled for mid-November, but pre-orders are open now through the Felissimo online store here.

Source: PR Times via Japaaan
Images: PR Times
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