When you want to remind people what cornflakes are made of, in an unforgettable way. 

Nissin Cisco’s Chocolate Flakes will celebrate its 55th anniversary in 2023, and to commemorate the occasion, they’ve developed a special product called “Drinkable Chocolate Flakes”.

The new product is only being made available to 1,000 lucky winners of a lottery giveaway, so our reporter K. Masami figured her chances of trying it would be slim, but in a stroke of good luck, an acquaintance of hers turned out to be one of the winners. They received 30 cans and couldn’t finish them all, so Masami became the lucky recipient of not one but three cans.

Having grown up eating Choco Flakes as both a snack on its own and as a topping for yoghurt and ice cream, Masami was curious to try the drinkable version. While some people in Japan like to add milk and enjoy Choco Flakes as a chocolate cornflake cereal, this was something Masami had never tried, so the beverage would be even more of a unique experience for her.

▼ She shook one of the cans as instructed, and poured the contents into a glass.

As she poured the liquid into the glass, it looked like chocolate milk. However, as she got to the bottom of the can, there was a surprise awaiting her…

▼ …actual pieces of corn!

While Choco Flakes contain corn — they are chocolate-covered cornflakes, after all — it’s usually baked into the flakes, helping to give them a crunchy texture. Having the corn appear as pieces made this a totally deconstructed mix, stripping the product back to its to main components  — chocolate and corn.

Masami figured there must’ve been no other feasible way to add corn to a canned drink like this, as the flakes would totally disintegrate after a while, and though she was initially repulsed by the idea of corn in her chocolate milk, she was now keen to find out what it would taste like.

Taking a sip, she found the drink to be quite good — it smelt like Choco Flakes, and the taste was a smooth and gentle cocoa. She later tried a non-chilled version, and definitely recommends having this chilled as it tasted much better cold.

Satisfied with the chocolatey milky drink, she didn’t even think about the corn until she got to the bottom of the glass. The corn pieces were so plump she couldn’t even mash them up and blend them into the drink, giving her no other choice but to chew them.

As she chewed the corn with the chocolate milk, she mused over the taste, which didn’t combine on the palate whatsoever. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t terribly delicious, either. In the end, it was just like eating corn with cocoa.

Nothing about this combination tasted like Choco Flakes, as it was missing the signature crunch that makes them so good. Still, they did a good job of showing what they were made of, because after tasting the drink, she’ll never forget they’re made with corn.

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