canned drinks

Suntory now sells Yamazaki whisky cans in Japan

Is a Japanese highball in a can as good as a homemade highball? 

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Sparkling sake in a can seeks to solve a problem that sometimes keeps sake off the dinner table

Nihonsakari Japan Soda wants to give sake more opportunities to shine.

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Ito En releases drinkable cold ramen in Japan

Green tea specialists want us to drink spicy reimen this summer. 

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We find a vending machine selling ‘Great Buddha flavoured’ drinkable whipped cream

The latest in a long line of Japanese vending machines that’ll make you think, “… they’re selling what?!”

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We try Japan’s new drinkable curry in a can

When you want the taste of Japanese curry…without the fuss of cutlery.

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Japan’s new canned curry is ready-to-drink and ready to delight the curry-loving nation

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Japan’s beverage makers anymore than we already did, they go and do this.

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Energy Milk from Japan is the new way to power up your day

Move aside, energy drinks, there’s a new mother in town. 

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DyDo’s coffee drink & Nintendo collab: We get nostalgic with limited edition 8-bit Mario figures

If, like me, you’re a tad obsessive when it comes to character goods and love the kitschy cross-promotions that often infiltrate Japanese convenience stores, here’s something that’ll perk you up: beverage company DyDo Drinco recently announced its “Super Mario Bros. Dot Figure Collection” campaign, to commemorate the anniversary of both its canned coffee drink and Nintendo’s worldwide phenomenon of a game.

Read up on the collaboration’s details after the jump and bear with me while I get a little sentimental. Also, thanks to excited YouTuber and goods enthusiast Satoshi Machida, you’ll get a close-up look at the pixelated (but not pixilated) cuties!

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The cold getting to you? Have a warm drink — from a vending machine!

Much has been said on the subject of the ubiquitous vending machines in Japan. Yes, vending machines seem to be lurking around every street corner here in Japan. And while hot beverages may not be among the most unusual products available from a vending machine, they can certainly offer you great comfort when you’re facing the bitter cold during the winter months.

And it turns out there’s quite a variety of hot drinks out there that you can buy from a machine, as a recent post on Japanese trend and information compilation site Naver Matome shows us. Let’s take a look at their selection of beverage options that may come in extremely handy when you’re caught outside in freezing weather.

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