But not every Gap in Japan will carry the video game apparel.

Nintendo recently announced that it’s producing a live-action movie adaptation of its Legend of Zelda video game franchise. That doesn’t mean that Super Mario is taking time off, though, as Nintendo’s mascot and his friends are the stars of a new clothing line from Gap Japan.

With the weather finally starting to get colder, the line is heavy on hoodies (both pull-over and zip-up) and long-sleeved T-shirts, in both men’s and boy’s sizes, with even some toddler and newborn items in the mix. For the grown-ups, there’s the hooded sweatshirt pictured above, and a pair of pocketed T-shirts, one with Mario and one with his brother Luigi.

And if you need some carrying capacity for, say, any gold coins you might find while out and about, the core cast of heroes also shows up on this cloth shoulder tote.

The boys-size version of the Mario and Luigi pocketed shirts come in black instead of white…

…and they also have Mario/warp pipe and Luigi/coin shirts to pick from…

…plus one more hoodie saluting the year of Gap’s founding.

▼ Which was actually 12 years before Mario would make his video game debut in Donkey Kong

Stepping down to the toddler-size items, this is an age when it’s important to start laying the educational groundwork young children will need in order to understand the world around them as they grow. So there’s no better time to explain to them that, despite it being a common misconception, Mario does not, in fact, hit question mark blocks with his head, and instead uses his fist, as diagrammed in this hooded sweatshirt.

Toddlers also get a pair of long-sleeved tees, but without pockets…

…and for newborns, there’s a super mushroom onesie, with Baby Gap’s Brannan Bear character on the front pocket.

▼ Don’t worry, unlike in the Super Mario games, this super mushroom won’t cause your baby to instantly double in size.

These items aren’t available at just any Gap locations, though. Instead, they’re being offered exclusively by Gap Japan branches at the Premium Outlet shopping center chain, specifically the Gotemba, Sano, Ami, Shisui, Rinku, Kobe Mita, Sendai Izumi, Toki, and Tosu Premium Outlets, which will also have special Super Mario decorations as part of the multi-brand Get the Item collaboration with the Nintendo franchise.

The sweatshirts are priced at 6,990 yen (US$47) for the adult size, 5,990 for the kids’, and 4,990 for the toddlers’. The T-shirts are 2,990, 2,490, and 1,990 yen, respectively, while the onesie is 1,990 yen and the tote bag 3,990. The entire line is on sale now, and is scheduled to be available until January 21.

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Top image: PR Times
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