Why wait for New Year’s to start the lucky bag/sweet snack fun?

Lindt chocolates are very popular in Japan, and our Japanese-language reporter Maro loves going to their specialty shops and picking out an assortment of flavors. Those little chocolate-filled spheres add up, though, and she usually ends up spending more than she’d originally planned to.

So when she found out that Lindt is currently selling fukubukuro/lucky bags, she rushed out to get one for herself and see what sort of sweet value it represented.

Since they’re releasing them in time for Christmas, Lindt is calling these fukubukuro “Holiday Lucky Bags.” They went on sale December 11, priced at 5,480 yen (US$38). Maro actually missed out on the first batch, which sold out quickly, but thankfully she snagged one when the restocks came in. Lindt was also very accommodating in revealing the contents of the bag. At the store, they pretty much told her everything she’d be getting, and the total price of the contents would ordinarily be about double what Maro paid for the Holiday Lucky Bag.

So what’s in the bundle?
● 62 Lindor chocolates

● 2 Lindt chocolate puddings
● 1 Excellence White Coconut
● 1 Excellence 90% Cocoa
● 1 insulated bag

The Lindors came in two bags, 49 in the clear one and the remaining 13 in a festive red one with a Christmas pattern. Surprisingly, only one of the Lindors is the classic milk chocolate flavor, despite that being the most popular version.

▼ The one and only milk chocolate Lindor

There were a lot of caramel and milk/white chocolate Lindors, though, both of which also have a lot of fans, and there were even some in a special snowman wrapper.

“Excellence” is what Lindt calls its chocolate bars, and the Holiday Lucky Bag gave Maro two different kinds to chew on.

Making the bundle extra special were two types of chocolate pudding. Maro has never seen these for sale in Lindt’s brick-and-mortar shops, only online in a pack of four that costs 2,700 yen. That’s a pretty big outlay for something you’ve never tasted, so having both the milk and dark chocolate flavors as part of the Holiday Lucky Bag made her feel like she’d just received a Christmas present.

Now that she’s tasted it, Maro can easily understand the premium pricing for Lindt’s pudding, as it’s superbly rich and delicious.

Last, the insulated bag is a special item that’s not normally offered for sale. Not only does it look elegant, it’s a handy way to keep those Lindors from melting as you transport them to a Christmas party to share with friends and family, as long as you’re feeling generous and don’t just keep them all for yourself.

And if you’re, understandably, having a hard time convincing yourself that it’s better to give than to receive chocolates, maybe you’ll be more inclined to share the knowledge that in addition to its Holiday Lucky Bag, Lindt also has a New Year’s Lucky Bag going on sale on December 28.

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