Taking pizza to new heights with a volcanic crater full of cheese.

In its ongoing efforts to stay on top as Japan’s most popular pizza delivery chain, Domino’s is always looking for new ways to keep customers interested, and its latest creation has everyone talking.

Called the Cheese Volcano, this new product takes pizza to new heights, with a “volcano” rising in the middle and a crater filled with cheese. While the promotional photos of the pizza made our mouths water, when we ordered it to try it, it looked, well, much less appetising.

The haphazard construction meant the secret behind the volcano — a tub of cheese sauce — was perfectly visible. It was meant to be hidden behind the end slices of the pizza, connected with a thin crust of hardened cheese, which would’ve made it decidedly more mouthwatering, but if we positioned it at a certain angle, we could almost buy into the illusion.

Oh well, it may not have looked the way we wanted it too, but we were ready to overlook that fact if it tasted good. Picking up a slice, we dipped it into the cheese and took a big ol’ cheese-on-cheese bite.

Wow. The flavour was super rich and so impactful that if we were blindfolded we would’ve found it difficult to identify what it was coating. The cheese sauce was full of flavour, but it really shone when it came to the pizza crust, adding extra deliciousness to this otherwise plain part of the pie.

▼ Anything you dip into this cheese sauce will taste amazing.

Sold only in a super large 40-centimetre (15.7-inch) wide New Yorker size, and priced from 5,180 yen (US$36.09) for delivery or 2,590 yen for pickup, this isn’t a pizza you’ll want to eat everyday if you’re watching your waistline and back pocket, but as an indulgent treat, we’d say it’s worth the calories.

It’s only on the menu for a limited time, though, from 9 January to 18 February, and unlike other Japanese-born Domino’s creations, you can also purchase this pizza in Taiwan during this time period. The chain says it has plans to release this pizza to other markets around the world as well, so be warned — the Cheese Volcano may be coming to your local branch soon!

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