Final Fantasy VII’s villain gets a foxy makeover as he forcibly recommends a meal for his rival.

It’s a safe bet that a lot of video game fans aren’t going to have a ton of time for cooking this week. That’s because February 29 is the release date for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the next installment in the ongoing remake of Final Fantasy VII. Whether you’re counting from the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2020 or that of the original Final Fantasy VII in 1997, it’s been a long wait to see what comes next, and understandably many fans are going to be reaching for their controller instead of a frying pan when they get home from work or school for the next several days.

At times like this, instant noodles are a great option, like Donbei, the brand of cup udon made by Nissin. But don’t just take my, or Nissin’s, word for it. Instead, put your trust in the endorsement of Sephiroth…or, more specifically, fox boy-version Sephiroth.

If you’re wondering why Sephiroth now has the ears and tail of a fox, it’s not because of an overabundance of Mako energy coursing through his body. In Japanese folklore, foxes (kitsune in Japanese), are depicted as having a special fondness for fried tofu, and so udon with that particular topping is known as “kitsune udon.” Since kitsune udon is Donbei’s most popular offering, fox characters feature prominently in the brand’s commercials, and this time it’s Final Fantasy VII’s charismatic antagonist who’s getting the foxy treatment as he strongly insists that protagonist Cloud try some.

“Cloud, I have something I want to ask you to do,” declares Sephiroth as the video opens. “Won’t you eat this Donbei?”

“Not interested,” Cloud fires back, but when has Sephiroth ever cared about whether Cloud really wants to do something or not? “Cloud, you will eat the Donbei,” Sephiroth commands. “Give it a rest!” Cloud shouts back.

Still, Sephiroth persists, with an ominously large piece of fried tofu floating in the sky behind him like Final Fantasy VII’s apocalyptic Meteor magic. “Whenever you look at the Donbei Kitsune Udon, remember. The Donbei Kitsune will guide you. The Donbei Kitsune is always by your side.”

In a shocking twist, though, it turns out that Sephiroth really is trying to help. When Cloud finally gives in and does take a bite of the noodles (audibly slurping them in the standard Japanese fashion), there’s a flash of magical energy before “7777” flashes on-screen, with the numerals in the green color customarily used in the Final Fantasy games to show an amount of life force that’s just been restored.

“That’s a good boy,” says a satisfied Sephiroth, before closing out the video by offering “Shall I send you a Donbei?” to Cloud and slashing Nissin’s logo in half with an off-screen slash of his Masamune blade.

Nissin and Square Enix’s headquarters in downtown Tokyo are a block away from each other, and in the past we’ve seen the two companies collaborate for Final Fantasy/Cup Noodle cross-promotions. The partnership is a new one for the Donbei brand, though, and given how many beloved characters there are in the Final Fantasy VII cast, we might be seeing more on the way. For now, though, remember that Sephiroth really does have your best interests in mind with this meal suggestion. After all, the guy really does spend a lot of time thinking about what would be best for humanity, doesn’t he?

Source, images: Twitter/@donbei_jp
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