New Mario Transformation Set has got everyone drinking.

On 22 April, Suntory launched a new campaign in collaboration with Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise in Japan, offering local residents the chance to win a variety of original goods that’s got everyone talking…and drinking.

There are two different sets that people can win, with the first being a “Mario Transformation Set”, which contains a Mario hat and a moustache that clips onto the top of a Suntory drink bottle, instantly turning you into the franchise’s titular star.

The other set up for grabs aligns with the “Let’s play together! Let’s go out!” theme of the campaign, as it contains a Mystery Block cooler bag on wheels…

▼ …and a Super Mushroom Ice Pack.

To enter the “Win a Mario Transformation Set!” competition, simply tap the “#マリオになりたい” (“I want to become Mario”) button on the below tweet to post it on your timeline, and be sure that your account is public as the company will be notifying winners via direct message in mid-June.

Entries are open to Japanese residents only and you can enter as many times as you like from 22 April to 13 May, after which time 500 people will win the Mario Transformation Set, which will be sent out to winners in late June.

To be in the running to win the cooler bag and ice pack, you’ll have to purchase four eligible Suntory soft drinks and send a smartphone photo of the receipt to the company’s official account via the LINE messaging app. Receipts must be dated between 22 April and 30 May inclusive, and uploaded by 11:59 p.m. on 31 May.

▼ The below Suntory drinks, ranging from 300-680 millilitre (10-23 ounce) sizes, are eligible for the campaign.

Entrants can enter as many times as they like, although details will need to be provided each time when prompted via the Line app. Again, this competition is open to residents in Japan only, and 1,000 lucky winners will receive the set at the end of June.

Though you’ll need to be in Japan to enter the competition, Suntory has created an original video dubbed “Minna de Mario” (“Let’s all be Mario“) to promote the campaign, and you don’t have to reside in Japan to watch both its 6-second and 17-second versions.

▼ The short version flies by in an instant.

▼ The longer version includes an appearance by famous twins Miho Kimura and Eriko Watanabe, who perform together as a comedy duo under the name “Asagaya Shimai” (“Asagaya Sisters“)

The Transformation Set is a particularly ingenious idea, and with Japanese drinks already including freebies from time to time, we’ve got our fingers crossed for the Mario moustache to one day appear in store fridges in the near future. Because if Pokémon can do it, surely Mario can too!

Source: PR Times
Featured image: YouTube/サントリー公式チャンネル (SUNTORY)

Insert images: PR Times
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