Mario, Luigi, and Boo want to help power-up your travel gear.

Last month, Nintendo unveiled a cool batch of Legend of Zelda merch for gamers who’ve quested across Hyrule. Now they’re back with something for everyone who’s getting set for adventures here in the real world with a new line of Super Mario travel items.

Starting things off is a clever passport cover (1,100 yen [US$7.10]) with illustrations and layout in the style of a Super Mario level.

▼ The red background here is from the Japanese passport that’s been placed inside, as those sections of the passport holder are clear.

▼ Lurking on the inside is Bowser, next to a pocket in which you can place tickets or cards.

Of course, unless you pack very light, you’re probably going to need a suitcase on your trip, and this luggage belt (2,200 yen) will make it easy to tell yours apart from everyone else’s.

The belt loop with Mario riding Yoshi is a clever touch, as is the flagpole belt stopper.

To help you keep everything organized inside your bags, there’s a set of storage/packing pouches (2,530 yen).

It’s a three-piece bundle, with the biggest, the square Question Mark Block, measuring 25 centimeters (9.8 inches) to a side and having a mesh backing

The other two pouches, one with a Mario patter on the front and Luigi on the back and the other illustrated with various power-ups, are 25 centimeters long and 15 centimeters tall.

Mario, Luigi, and a whole bunch of Boos are hanging out on this 21-centimeer wide sacoche bag (2,750 yen) for carrying your essentials while you’re out and about without being too bulky for days when you might need to take a crowed train.

▼ There’s even a Boo that serves as the zipper pull!

Speaking of trains, if you’re using a prepaid IC card for your fares, you can keep it at the ready with these extendable card/commuter pass cases (1,980 yen each).

▼ Considering how often Mario gets around by warp pipe, it’s a fitting motif for something you keep transportation-related cards in.

If you’ve got outdoor activities planned during your trip, or really even if you’re just passing through the open air while moving from one indoor sightseeing spot to another in the summer heat, this Super Mario level cool towel (1,320 yen), which you soak in water and then lay across your neck/shoulder like a scarf, should help prevent you from overheating.

When you’re not using it, you can fold it up and keep it in its special pouch.

▼ There’s a Boo version too.

And last, Nintendo also classifies these two new tumblers (2,200 yen each) as travel items.

Honestly, they seem like they’d be just as well suited for home use, but it can be easy to forget the importance of staying hydrated during the excitement of sightseeing, so if these work as reminders to stop and have a nice cold drink periodically during your itinerary, so much the better.

The whole lineup goes on sale July 12, right before Japan’s summer travel season kicks off in earnest, and will be available at Nintendo’s specialty stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto as well as online here.

Source: Nintendo via Travel Watch
Top image: Nintendo
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